Are the Turkey hair transplant results always successful?

Hair transplant is a microsurgical operation to transfer your own hair from the donor area. Since the person’s hair is transplanted, Turkey hair transplant results are usually successful; the hair gets well in the new place and continues to grow. This procedure is used when conservative treatment does not give the expected result.

Hair transplant Turkey is a reliable way to restore hair. This is effective in hereditary alopecia which is poorly susceptible to conservative treatment. When performing the transplant, the surgeon tries to recreate the natural front line of hair growth and the hair looks completely natural after the operation. Turkey hair transplant results are always good and it is hard to guess that the bearer of such a hairy head has undergone transplantation since after the operation the hair follicles continue to function in the usual manner.

In the case of hair loss after radiation exposure or chemotherapy, hair transplantation cannot help because the surviving hair is also sick. At the very beginning of treatment, strengthen the remaining hair and improve the structure of the scalp and then decide on the need for surgery. With considerable areas of the balding zone and for obtaining a thick head of hair, the operation is carried out in two or three stages.

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Statistics and Turkey hair transplant results

According to statistics and Turkey hair transplant results, about 90% of grafts take root in the new place. The duration of the operation depends on the level of alopecia, however, on average it takes from two to five hours. The hair begins to grow two to three months after the transplant, as they must fully take root and their bulbs get the necessary nutrition. In case of intolerance of local anesthesia, hair transplantation is contraindicated.

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