How to become parents? The main causes of female and male infertility

Male and female infertility is an urgent problem throughout the world that does not allow a couple to become parents. According to statistics, every fifth married couple faces the impossibility of conceiving a child. Therefore, more than 50 million pairs of reproductive age need the use of methods of assisted reproductive technologies in order to become parents. Patients older than 35 years should consult a specialist after 6 months of unsuccessful attempts to become pregnant. The earlier the doctor determines the cause of the inability of conception, the higher the chances of getting a long-awaited pregnancy and giving birth to a healthy child.

What is the problem of couple do not allow them to become parents?

The causes of infertility can be health problems for both women and men. Male infertility is the cause of the inability to conceive in 46-48% of couples. At the same time, the indicator characterizing female infertility is slightly higher and amounts 52-54%. There are also cases of combined infertility when both of the spouses have problems, which do not allow them to become parents. Violation of reproductive function in both partners occurs in 30% of cases.

The World Health Organization identified 22 causes of female and 18 causes of male infertility. Infertility in women arises from the violation of ovulation, the absence or obstruction of the fallopian tubes, benign uterine tumors, and inflammatory diseases of the female genital area after infections or abortions, improperly performed abortions, various metabolic disorders (obesity, diabetes, thyroid dysfunction, etc.) and age. In men, the frequent causes of infertility are hormonal or genetic disorders, obstruction of the vas deferens due to acute and chronic infections. All these reasons lead to the fact that a couple cannot become parents quickly and they should contact a doctor.

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