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Doç. Dr. Hasan Erdem

Dr. Hasan Erdem is a highly skilled bariatric surgeon who specializes in the field of weight loss surgery. He obtained his medical degree from Istanbul Faculty of Medicine in 2002 and completed his specialization in General Surgery at Istanbul Bezmialem Vakif Gureba Training and Research Hospital in 2008. Dr. Erdem has since established himself as a prominent figure in the field, providing the latest technologies and treatments to his patients.

With a focus on bariatric surgery, Dr. Erdem is dedicated to helping individuals achieve their weight loss goals through surgical interventions. His expertise lies in performing various procedures aimed at treating obesity and improving patients’ overall health. Dr. Erdem’s commitment to excellence has led him to open a private clinic in Istanbul, where he continues to provide exceptional care.

Dr. Hasan Erdem’s reputation as a bariatric surgeon extends both nationally and internationally. While his extensive publications and academic pursuits attest to his scholarly contributions, his primary focus remains on utilizing the most advanced techniques to benefit his patients. With his wealth of experience and dedication to his craft, Dr. Erdem is a trusted healthcare professional in the field of bariatric surgery.

Doç. Dr. Abdullah Şişik

Dr. Abdullah Şişik is a renowned bariatric surgeon who has specialized in the field of bariatric surgery in Turkey. He obtained his medical degree from Ege University Faculty of Medicine and completed his residency in general surgery at Health Sciences University Ümraniye Training and Research Hospital. With a focus on bariatric and colorectal surgery, Dr. Şişik has gained extensive experience in his field, performing over 1000 obesity surgeries, including the first obesity surgery at Health Sciences University Ümraniye Training and Research Hospital. He is highly regarded for his expertise and dedication to helping patients with obesity through surgical interventions.

Dr. Şişik has been actively involved in the medical community, both in Turkey and on an international scale, through his participation in conferences and lectures on obesity surgery. He currently serves as the Deputy Director of the General Surgery Clinic at Health Sciences University Ümraniye Training and Research Hospital. Dr. Şişik’s specialization in bariatric surgery and his commitment to providing quality care make him a beacon of hope for patients seeking obesity treatment in Turkey.

Dr. Mehmet Gençtürk

Dr. Mehmet Gençtürk is a highly skilled and renowned physician specializing in bariatric surgery. With a solid educational background from Istanbul Medical School, he has gained extensive experience in the field through his work at various hospitals, including Tuzla State Hospital and Haydarpaşa Numune Training and Research Hospital’s General Surgery Clinic. Dr. Gençtürk is currently affiliated with the Istanbul Obesity Surgery Clinic, where he collaborates with Dr. Hasan Erdem.

Dr. Gençtürk’s expertise lies in bariatric surgery, particularly in successfully performing interventions that have positively impacted the lives of numerous patients. Known for his compassionate approach and exceptional patient care, he has earned a stellar reputation among his patients. With a strong commitment to improving their overall health, Dr. Gençtürk provides comprehensive evaluations and offers tailored advice on healthy lifestyles and nutrition alongside surgical treatments.

As an esteemed bariatric surgeon, Dr. Mehmet Gençtürk has proven himself to be a dedicated healthcare professional, consistently striving to make a difference in his patients’ lives. With his expertise and unwavering dedication to providing high-quality care, he continues to contribute to the field of bariatric surgery, helping individuals overcome obesity and achieve long-term well-being.

Dr. Said Dalkılıç

Dr. Said Dalkılıç is a highly skilled surgeon specializing in bariatric surgery. He completed his medical education at Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine and gained valuable experience in surgical practices, particularly in the field of bariatric surgery. Dr. Dalkılıç is recognized as one of Turkey’s leading experts in this area, focusing on surgical treatments for overweight and obese patients. With his meticulous approach and commitment to patient satisfaction, he conducts thorough evaluations before surgery and provides guidance on healthy lifestyle and nutrition, aiming to improve his patients’ overall health and well-being.

Having dedicated his career to the field of bariatric surgery, Dr. Dalkılıç has become renowned for his expertise in using surgical interventions to treat obesity-related conditions. His comprehensive pre-operative assessments ensure tailored treatment plans for each patient, while his commitment to post-operative care and regular follow-ups contribute to successful recoveries and long-term health improvements. Dr. Dalkılıç’s patients appreciate his meticulousness, genuine care, and focus on their well-being throughout the entire treatment journey. With his extensive experience and dedication to patient safety, Dr. Said Dalkılıç remains a beacon of hope for individuals seeking effective and sustainable solutions for obesity management.

Dr. Merih Yılmaz

Dr. Merih Yılmaz is a highly skilled and experienced surgeon specializing in bariatric surgery. With a strong educational background in medicine, Dr. Yılmaz has honed his expertise in the field through years of practice. He is known for his meticulous approach to patient care, prioritizing their comfort and safety at every stage of treatment.

Having completed his medical education in Turkey, Dr. Yılmaz has dedicated himself to the field of surgical medicine. His primary focus lies in bariatric surgery, where he employs various surgical techniques to assist patients in achieving a healthier lifestyle. Through thorough consultations and post-operative follow-ups, Dr. Yılmaz provides comprehensive guidance to his patients, ensuring they feel supported throughout their recovery journey.

Patients value Dr. Yılmaz for his attention to detail, professionalism, and commitment to their well-being. By conducting comprehensive pre-operative assessments, he tailors treatment plans to individual needs, recommending the most suitable procedures. Dr. Yılmaz’s expertise in bariatric surgery, combined with his compassionate approach, helps patients embark on a path to improved health and well-being.

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