What is breast reduction UK (reduction mammoplasty)?

Reduction mammoplasty or breast reduction UK surgery eliminates some of the skin and tissue from the breasts to reduce and reshape the size of the breasts. The procedure can also make the area of dark skin circling the nipple miniature. To remove skin and tissue from the breast, the doctor first makes one or more incisions in the breast. After the excess skin and tissue have been taken, the skin is sealed with stitches. Sometimes the areola and nipple have to be repositioned and removed.

Sometimes liposuction is applied along with breast reduction UK. If most of the breast is adipose tissue and if excess skin is not a problem, liposuction alone can be enough for breast reduction. Breast reduction UK surgery is done in a surgical center or a hospital, usually with general anesthesia. The operation usually takes three to five hours. An overnight stay is not regularly needed. For smaller reductions, the procedure may be performed with local anesthesia. Breast lift (mastopexy) is related to a breast reduction UK, except that in some situations just skin is removed. A breast lift can raise drooping and sagging breasts, which is a general problem with large, heavy breasts, and can elevate the areola and nipple.

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You can decide to have breast reduction UK surgery to:

  • Feel more comfortable. Large, heavy breasts can cause skin irritation, pain in the neck and back, and problems with posture. The constant attraction of a heavy chest can lead to the fact that the bra straps leave painful depressions in the shoulders of a woman. Breast reduction operation can eliminate these problems in most cases.
  • Reduce the restrictions that can have large, heavy breasts when participating in sports or other activities. Some physical exercises can be painful or uncomfortable for women with large breasts.
  • Change your appearance. Large breasts, especially when they are disproportionate to your weight and height, can be embarrassing. Young women and teenagers with large breasts can especially feel conscious in bathing suits and other clothes because of undesirable attention to the big breast. It can also be difficult to find clothes that fit well.

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