How can artificial insemination help to solve the problem of infertility?

When your partner and you talk to a doctor about infertility help, he can offer a technique called “artificial insemination”. A simple procedure can help some couples who could not get pregnant. This procedure has very few side effects. During this procedure, the doctor enters the sperm directly into the cervix, uterus or fallopian tubes. The most common method of artificial insemination is called “intrauterine insemination” when the doctor puts the sperm into the uterus. Why is it useful? This procedure makes the trip shorter for sperm and bypasses any obstacles. At first, your doctor can offer this method as a treatment for infertility.

How Artificial inseminationid performed on both women and men?

Moreover, the fertilization procedure can be used for many types of problems with the fertility of a woman or a man. If you are a man, it is often used, if you have sperm that is not strong enough to swim through the cervix and fall into the fallopian tubes, you have a very low sperm count. If you are a woman, sometimes it is done if you have endometriosis or you have something abnormal in your reproductive organs. This method can also be right for you if you have “refractory cervical mucus”. It means that the mucus that surrounds the cervix prevents sperm from entering your uterus and fallopian tubes. Artificial insemination allows the sperm to skip the cervical mucus completely.

Doctors also often offer artificial insemination when they cannot understand why the couple is infertile. Your doctor will use a blood test, ultrasound, or ovulation kits to make sure that you ovulate when you get artificial insemination. After that, your partner will need to provide a sample of his sperm. If you live close to the clinic, your partner can collect a sperm sample at home. If not, he will do it in a separate room.

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