Elipse Balloon in Turkey

The Elipse Balloon is a weight loss aid for adults over the age of 18 who are overweight or obese, defined as a body mass index (BMI +27). If you are significantly overweight and have a history of unsuccessful dieting, then the Elipse Balloon Weight Loss may be right for you.

While earlier generations of gastric balloons had to be placed and removed with an endoscopic medical procedure requiring anesthesia, the Elipse Balloon is the first gastric balloon that is swallowed and months later is naturally excreted. No surgery, endoscopy, or anesthesia is needed and your convenience, comfort, and safety are prioritized above all. The Elipse Balloon is typically placed during a brief outpatient visit allowing you to get back to your busy life.

As a patient in the Elipse Programme, you will receive all the support you need to succeed. You will be guided by a team of a Nutritionist. You will be given a wireless digital scale that provides constant updates on your progress to your care team and multiple visits with your team help you get the maximum benefit from your Elipse Balloon. With the help of the Elipse Balloon, program participants lose an average of between 13 and 15 kg over four months. 

Why consider an Elipse balloon in Turkey?

Turkey has many ingredients, which distinguish it from other European countries, in the field of cosmetic surgery, Such as the elipse balloon.

Today, Turkey has become on the top of cosmetic surgeries and tourism list for any researcher, as it holds the best cosmetics centers, in addition to its beautiful places and tourist attractions, next to its beautiful and enjoyable atmosphere in all times, as it is known by its heavenly beauty, where the patient can be treated, and have the most breathtaking tourism all at the same time. 

Next, to all these features, the patient will have additional advantages to the cosmetic procedure, such as:

  • The cost of the procedure, where the price is about 50% lower than in other countries.
  • The attention of the medical center, caring for the health and comfort of the patient, where the center does the necessary tests for the patient to ensure that the patient is qualified to conduct the operation and that he is free from diseases that impede the conduct of the patient, such as; heart diseases, vascular diseases, and lung diseases.
  • The dependence on the latest technologies in all the Turkish cosmetics center
  • The reputation of the cosmetic centers in Turkey, and their accreditation of the ICRC.
  • Post-surgery follow-ups.
  • Location 

Turkey is accessible to reach for patients from all over Europe with less than four flying hours.

And Turkey also has a lot to offer in terms of history, culture, shopping, and beaches, so many patients choose to extend their trip into a holiday and make the most of their time in the country. Many of the best cardiac surgery doctors in Turkey are located in Istanbul, which is a popular tourist destination on its own. 

You’ll also find that waiting times are next to none. You should be able to schedule an appointment very quickly with any cosmetic hospital you want. 

  • Visa Procedure 

Turkey has visa-free access to more than 70 countries and citizens from more than 110 countries can enter without a visa. The process is very simple, the time taken is short and fees are less. For example, UK citizens can have online e-visa which takes only a few minutes. And It’s around just £15.

In a nutshell, Turkey is especially famous for its superb plastic surgery and hair transplantation with a great chance to have plastic surgery in high-quality standards. Cities like Istanbul, Antalya, Ankara, İzmir, and Aydın are famous for their cosmetic surgery and transplant clinics which offer a vast range of low-cost procedures offering to the wider public. plastic surgery procedures in Turkey; include breast augmentation, breast lift, rhinoplasty, liposuction, tummy tuck, facelift, eyelid surgery, and bum lifts, etc. Packages ensure quality, accurate harvesting, minute incisions, and high-end precision.

Nevertheless to mention, packed to the edge with primeval monuments endowed with showcase scenery that overwhelms in every step, Turkey is an astounding destination that straddles Asia and Europe. Its vibrant culture, famous cuisines, and vast history are worthy to venture upon, while its glorious landscapes-from the sun-soaked Mediterranean to the mighty mountains and arid steppe-are highlights of pleasure. Roaming in cities like Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, Izmir may all be an overpayment after the surgery. 

Elipse balloon procedure 

The Elipse balloon is a gastric balloon that is swallowed like a pill and that, after 4 months in the stomach, is eliminated from the body like any other food that we ingest. 

This procedure without anesthesia or endoscopy is recommended for patients with a BMI between 27-40, with which they can lose up to 15 kilos.

The Elipse balloon comes in a capsule form (a bit larger than an antibiotic pill) and has a tube attached that allows the balloon to be filled, avoiding sedation and the endoscopy.

The process is carried out in the consultation, where the x-ray is done prior to the filling of the balloon to make sure that the pill has entered the stomach properly. It will remain there for 16 weeks, helping to decrease the caloric digestion throughout that period and allowing weight loss of 10-15kg. Once the 16 weeks are over, the balloon’s valve opens, this deflates the balloon and it is passed through the body with the feces without the need for an endoscopy or a trip to the hospital to extract it.

Cost of an elipse balloon in Turkey 

In the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe, the ellipse balloon prices are between £4000 –£5000. However, ellipse balloon cost in Turkey is around 50% lower. 

The reason behind the big difference between Europe and Turkey is the average labor costs for each country. In Turkey, the labor cost is much lower than it is in Europe. This allows more people to have their treatments at affordable prices and meanwhile the plastic surgeons in Turkey get more and more experienced compared to their European colleagues.

BUT, your first concern should always be the safety of your treatment. Thus, you should check if the provider is accredited by the Ministry of Health and the hospitals are internationally approved.

And, If you have the ellipse balloon in Turkey most hospitals will give you the option to have a treatment package that covers the treatment cost, hospital stay, airport transfer, city transfer, accommodation, and patient host services.