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Why is England (UK) a good country to get medical care?

England is a country in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It is the largest part of the island of Great Britain. In addition, this beautiful country is the largest part of the United Kingdom in terms of population. In this country, 83% of the total population of the UK live. The city of London is the capital of England. This is the largest city in the UK and the European Union. England is the first industrialized country in the world.

One of the strengths of England is medicine. The level of qualification of English doctors deserves special attention. Doctors are trained for decades teaching not a narrow-profile, but the multidisciplinary approach to treatment. This is facilitated by the highest level of medical education: three of the British universities are in the best world top ten. Without a constant practice and confirmation of high qualification, no doctor can work even in a regular hospital.

In English clinics,

only modern technologies are used. Often patients go to England (UK) and for the service “The second opinion.” English doctors have an impeccable reputation in the field of interpretation of images (magnetic resonance and positron emission tomography) as well as the results of other types of scanning that require expert interpretation. Among other things, the high standards of English medicine imply a special professional ethics, deep respect for the patient, whose opinion and choice play an important role in the treatment and are invariably taken into account by the attending physician.

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