Medical Travel

How to organize your medical travel according to your needs?

Every person eventually thinks about traveling. Sometimes, it can be due to illness. How to organize your medical trip safely? Medical tourism is one of the modern directions of medicine connected with the globalization of the modern world community. The volume of investments made in this industry is increasing annually. Medical tourism is at the intersection of medical and economic spheres. To date, thousands of medical tourism companies that will help you with medical travel abroad exist. They will organize your medical travel according to your needs.

What Agents in the field of medical tourism can perform?

Agents in the field of medical tourism can act as guides for medical tourists. For many tourists, it is more convenient to use the services of agents instead of organizing a medical trip on their own. Such companies can choose a clinic that specializes in your illness. Medical tourism companies have sufficient experience to solve problems and answer questions that may arise in medical tourists, including security, insurance, accommodation, etc. These companies are familiar with the medical institutions and providers with which they work. They have information about providers’ certificates, their infrastructure, and other aspects that are most important when choosing a medical center. Medical tourism companies take all precautions to ensure that doctors and surgeons who perform procedures have appropriate experience and are certified specialists. Some medical intermediaries offer comprehensive tours that are cheaper for patients than an independent organization of your medical travel.


The Qunomedical is a digital medical tourism platform based in Berlin, Germany. Founded in 2015 by Dr. Sophie Chung, Qunomedical is a digital medical travel hub that provides patients with access to affordable medical treatments. Currently, the ...