Dental Treatments In Turkey

Dental treatments in Turkey are a very trending option for people from USA and UK because having the best dental treatment results at affordable prices is possible. The average cost of dental treatments varies from 360 USD to 8120 USD. 

The price differs depending on the type of dental treatments, patients’ health conditions, and clinics’ quality. Besides, many people prefer İstanbul for dental treatments because they can visit beautiful places in Istanbul while coming for treatment. 

Today’s patients can receive aesthetically pleasing tooth-colored fillings or enjoy restored dental function with dental treatments for tooth loss. With Modern pain relief approaches in our clinic in Istanbul, Turkey. We ensure patients stay comfortable no matter the procedure or level of anxiety.

In our clinic, We only employ advanced dentistry to repair a patient’s teeth. If you’re considering Turkey for dental treatments, we would love to help to get your smile back. Contact us.

Dental Bridges Cost in Turkey 
x3 Zirconium Bridge£ 350$ 475€400
x3 Porcelain Bridge£ 200$ 275€225,00

How much does dental treatments cost in Turkey?

We all know that dental treatments are very diverse. Well, do you know that dental treatment prices in Turkey are very affordable? Prices of dental treatments in Turkey range from €315.00 to €7150. Prices vary according to the scope of treatment, duration of treatment and number of teeth.

Turkey is the only country where such affordable dental treatments are available. You can find out which treatment is suitable for you and the treatment costs after the first examination. Call us for this. All treatments are performed by professional dentists in our fully equipped dental clinics.



  • There are different specialties for dental treatments in Turkey. Private specialists work in all dental clinics and there are different units. You can find many clinics for dental treatments in Turkey. They are all experienced and budget friendly. Treatments are completed with state-of-the-art methods. Turkey will be your best choice for dental treatments and you will not regret it.

A different price policy is applied for each dental treatment. When we compare it with Europe in general, we see that dental treatment prices in Turkey are very affordable. There is a huge price difference. Turkey is one of the best countries in terms of price. If you are going to have more than one dental treatment, this will be an important advantage for you.

Yes, health insurance will cover dental treatment. Health insurance will give you some room for the dentist to bill for health insurance. The dental plan also targets dental procedures that they will specifically cover.

When making a Dental Treatments price comparison, pay attention to which dental treatment you are price researching. Because the prices for dental treatment vary according to the treatment. UK, USA, Ireland, Canada and Turkey prices are different. We cannot give exact prices here, because there are dozens of different dental treatments. When budgeting for your dental care, it can sometimes be a challenge. Chances are, you have done some research on the costs associated with a program you may need, but you may not have the correct information. The price of dental surgery varies greatly, especially if you do not have dental insurance and pay out of your pocket. Everyone needs dental care at some point. However, not everyone is willing to pay for insurance. You may have considered the costs associated with appropriate treatment. If you are considering paying for your out-of-pocket dental treatment, it is important to understand the general cost of these procedures. Although it may seem profitable to avoid the upfront costs of buying a dental insurance plan, having a good dental plan can greatly reduce the overall cost of care.

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