What is the face lift and what is its essence? The way to the return of youth

The facelift is one of the most demanded directions in clinics specializing in aesthetic medicine. It is not a secret that with age, the properties of the skin change. The covers of our body lose their elasticity and youth. To cope with these phenomena, it is necessary to tighten the skin, restore its tone, and activate those physiological processes that were lost earlier. Face lift.

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A face lift is

a complex of surgical interventions aimed at correcting age-related changes in not only the skin but also deep facial structures such as SMAS (superficial muscle-aponeurotic system) and subcutaneous fatty tissue. All facelift procedures are divided into operational and non-operational. Surgical operations involve the intervention of a surgeon. Non-surgical methods include various types of hardware lifting, as well as injections of cosmetic preparations that improve skin tone and saturate it with moisture.

Initially, all types of facelift procedures were performed only with the help of a scalpel. Such an operation is often an option for people over 50 years of age who want to get rid of the pronounced age-related changes that are not subject to cosmetic correction. It is difficult for ordinary people to orient themselves in a variety of lifting procedures. Its main goal is to achieve the best result with minimal risk of side effects and complications of the intervention. For many people, the price is the decisive factor. In some cases, the total cost of a single operation, the effect of which will persist for decades, will be less than the aggregate payment of numerous minimally invasive procedures with a short period of validity.

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