Female hair transplant cost UK per graft is usually higher than male hair treatment

More than ten million women in the UK are currently experiencing hair loss. Female hair loss can be caused because of several reasons; from stress and malnutrition to hormonal imbalance and alopecia traction. A significant number do not need a hair transplant. Nevertheless, in the case of notable female hair loss, you will need female hair transplant cost UK. You should remember that it is difficult to determine as it is measured on several factors, such as how much time is required for the procedure, how many grafts are needed to be implanted and extracted, and who is conducting the operation.

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The method plays a big role in female hair transplant cost UK

Therefore, as there can be many factors and reasons affecting female hair loss, we advise a consultation and in-depth lifestyle study with one of your chosen highly experienced doctors (trichologists). Be ready that female hair transplant cost UK per graft is usually higher than for male treatment. It can usually change from $6-$9 per transplant, depending on the type of your hair and number of the grafts required. So, the fact is that real costs are a balance of many parts. The considerable value in the female hair transplant cost UK is played by the way in which it is planned to transplant the hair.

If you use operating, unaesthetic and inefficient methods, the price for one transplant will be the most minimal. However, to this price are applied long-term wound healing, unsuitable donor transplantation, scars on the head and low density of the growing hairline as a result. When it comes to providing you with FUE female hair transplant cost UK you may struggle. A lot of advisors and specialists will decline to give you a cost before you come in for a meeting. It is not a selling technique and they are not being hard. It is really essential to understand that costing for a hair transplant in the UK is very different and will depend on a plenty of factors which can just be evaluated during a consultation.

The female hair transplant cost UK of a full hair transplant will depend on the degree of hair loss in a particular case and on your overall expectations and wishes. If you find out how much hair transplantation costs and the cost does not suit you, do not rush to look for more affordable options. Perhaps you should not risk quality for the sake of low prices.

Since hair transplant surgery is a great choice for nearly ninety percent of the balding men, women believe they will be also suitable candidates. However, this is regularly not the case. According to specialists a very poor percentage of women are good candidates for this procedure. About two-five percent of women with hair loss (alopecia) will benefit from hair transplantation. For women, a thorough disease-specific medical evaluation is required for the treatment of hair disorders with a qualified medical hair expert. Usually, women note hair loss during their menopausal period with decreased hair density (in the middle of the scalp), which decreases laterally. The hair is usually miniaturized because of a longer phase of telogen. Seldom hair loss occurs in the frontal line of the hair.

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