Harley Street hair clinic cost depends on many factors

At the Harley Street Hair Clinic, they have the best specialists in hair transplantation. They exclusively work with FUE method of hair transplants for their patients. This modern method of hair transplantation is extremely technical and is the most powerful way of obtaining maximum value out of each donor’s hair. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) sometimes introduced as follicular unit transplantation is the improved method of hair restoration. Follicular Unit Extraction is the newest and more advanced method of hair transplantation than earlier techniques like FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) or Strip harvesting transplantation. Harley Street hair clinic cost depends on many factors.

Harley Street Clinic in London was the only of the first clinics to supply a hair transplant graft calculator in order to give an approximate or general idea and give a reasonable estimate of the Harley street hair clinic cost based on the area to be treated (with a guide to the number of grafts needed). Hair transplant prices guidelines work alongside the graft calculator to give people an approximated amount dependant on how many grafts will be needed and the type of hair loss. The Harley street hair clinic cost depends on various factors such as the overall complexity of the situation. The characteristics of human hair will change the price of hair transplantation, as well as the amount of hair for transplantation to achieve the desired outcome. Before the treatment takes place, it is necessary to carefully plan the procedure and include an analysis of any possible further loss of hair and decide how to best use the available donor hair to guarantee its work throughout life.

During FUE hair transplantation, a highly qualified surgeon selects the hair follicles from the donor area (usually at the back of the scalp), applying a specialized device to extract smaller than one mm in diameter. The follicles are then transferred to the recipient’s area on your scalp and implanted using a powerful stereo microscope in groups of one to four hairs, just as they grow in nature. This is a minimally invasive surgical procedure, so you will be fully aware of all the time, as only local anaesthesia is required. The recovery period is short and the chance of complications is low. After the procedure, the clinic will provide you with clear instructions for care, as well as medications and topical procedures to give you the best outcome.

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An exact Harley street hair clinic cost

Before you have the consultation you will not be able to receive an exact Harley street hair clinic cost. However, you can use hair graft calculator of the clinic to know the regions of your head where you think more hair is needed. The hair graft calculator will then allow you to get an idea of the number of hairs and grafts required for your hair transplant procedure. The graft calculator will provide you with an approximate number of hair and grafts needed. However, this will depend on the size of the head and the characteristics of the hair. This tool is a great way for patients to get an idea of how many hair implants they will need and Harley street hair clinic cost.

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