How can the problem of baldness be solved with the help of Turkey hair transplant?

The daily loss of 50 to 100 hairs for medical reasons is normal. However, if these indicators are exceeded, then we can talk about gradual alopecia and Turkey hair transplant. Men are more prone to this problem due to the genetic component. How can you solve the problem of baldness once and for all? In the case of genetic and age-related loss of hair, you need to do hair transplant Turkey from areas with a steady growth of hair in the area of alopecia. The main loss zones are the forehead and the crown area. But on the back of the head and temples hair follicles, as a rule, hair remains untouched since they do not have receptors sensitive to male hormones.

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How can I know if I need Turkey hair transplant?

If a person doubts the need for such an operation, one should look at some provisions that will prompt the correctness of the decision. Turkey hair transplant is clearly necessary if:

  • A person suffers from alopecia, but he still has normally growing hair for a transplant.
  • Hair falls out but the reason for this is not taking medication, recently carried out treatment, or transferred stress.
  • Hair falls constantly and is not affected by conservative methods.
  • The patient clearly understands that the procedure may take a long time

Turkey hair transplant is suitable only for people with a positive attitude and an objective look at the final result, as well as excellent health.

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