How long do dental implants Ireland can serve in the opinion of specialists?

Dental implants in Ireland are one of the most effective ways to improve your appearance and restore your lost teeth. They will help you to return a beautiful smile. However, dental implantation is often accompanied by rumors that this is a very painful and long procedure. The generation of rumors is caused by the fact that most people do not realize how implants are inserted. In fact, dental implants Ireland takes from several hours to several months, and the procedure is well anesthetized.

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The dental implants Ireland consist of three parts:

  • The implant is a titanium screw, inserted into the jaw by a surgical method.
  • Abutment (a special link between the prosthesis and the screw).
  • Ceramic crown (prosthesis).

There are many reasons why people may lose a tooth, whether it is through disease, decay, trauma, or simply old age. Nevertheless, missing a tooth can have functionality and aesthetic implications, as well as causing self-confidence issues. Some of the most popular treatments for missing teeth are a denture or fixed bridge. However, now dental implants Ireland are becoming more and more popular. In the opinion of a large number of experienced specialists, dental implants Ireland are able to last indefinitely provided that the protocol of treatment is correctly and meticulously executed. How well the implantation and adaptation period went smoothly becomes clear after about a year and a half.

The statistical data confirm that only 1% of dental implants Ireland are not successful, and if no problems have arisen for 5 years, implant teeth have successfully taken root and the risk of rejection can be completely ruled out.

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