How long does it take your stomach to heal after gastric sleeve?

How long does it take your stomach to heal after gastric sleeve

The patient who has gastric sleeve surgery wakes up in the operating room for the first time. The patient is kept in the operating room until his breathing improves, and then followed up by following the necessary procedures. During this time, there may be some complaints such as pain and nausea due to the anesthesia given to the body and the surgery performed. Psychologically, when the patient wakes up, his morale and motivation are somehow awakened when he enters the surgery. Therefore, it is important to keep the patient’s morale high before surgery.

When the side effects that are tolerated to a certain extent reach suspicious sizes, the necessary interventions are performed by doctors. For this reason, it is inappropriate to be concerned about the pains and complaints that occur normally. It is forbidden to feed the patient orally in liquid or solid form for about 6 hours after gastric sleeve. After that, water use may begin gradually. If everything is going well, the patient may be advised by his doctor to take small walks in the hospital on the evening of the surgery day. Usually, depending on the patient’s recovery status, the patient is discharged about 4 days after the tube stomach surgery.

During the healing period after gastric sleeve, the body will spend more energy than usual. It is very important that you follow the recommendations of your doctor during this process. As long as you follow the recommendations, you will recover as soon as possible and your feeling of fatigue will disappear.

Since the stitches are removed immediately after gastric sleeve surgery, the healing process also begins immediately. Daily life can be started immediately. After a rest period of about a week, sick people can immediately return to their work and daily life. Recovery after stomach surgery is quick, but if a person is working at a heavy load-bearing body job, the person should rest for 2 weeks. Although there is a rapid healing process, those who have had stomach surgery should be intervened immediately if there have been technical problems during the operation. Although there are not many problems, we can say that there is some risk. It can be considered like gallbladder surgery. It is an easy and short-term operation.

Nutrition is also important at this stage, based on the rapid healing process of the seams after gastric sleeve surgery. It is very important that people get used to the diet because the success of gastric surgery does not only depend on the surgeons, it also depends on the individual effort and dedication of the person.

Because the stitches are removed quickly after the tube stomach surgery, they can also do doctor’s advice and exercises for sports and should receive supplemental vitamin and mineral support. Dec Diet should be regular, which means that meals should not be skipped meals should be 3 times and a break should definitely be made. The stomach should not be too full and starve. For this reason, a meal is also very important.

Of course, it may be difficult for a person to get used to his new life, but if he can achieve this, the success of the operation will be completely revealed. In addition to individual efforts, the effort and support of people’s relatives is very important. The first week after the stitches are removed after the gastric sleeve surgery is really very important.

For 1 month or 2 months, a person should be fed liquid, and then switch to mashed foods, and in the process, solid foods can be consumed. In the importance of liquid food consumption after gastric tube surgery, only boiled eggs can be consumed. But it should not be too boiled. It can be used as an in foods such as baby food, fruits, cheese.


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