How to get your complete hair transplant London price?

The decision on whether you need to transplant hair will have many factors, but one of the most important for you can be related to hair transplant London price. Fortunately, over the past few years, prices have declined significantly, and many clinics in London can offer competitive prices for hair transplantation. Having mentioned this, we do not advise that you choose your hair transplantation based only on hair transplant London price alone. You really have to first investigate who will perform the operation.

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Your hair transplant London price will include:

  • Initial consultation. Before hair transplant surgery, we recommend you to have an extensive consultation period qualified doctor where she or he will go through the choices available to you. Then, based on the complete hair transplant London price that you receive, you can determine whether it is the correct thing for you to do.
  • Cost of hair transplant: Prices for hair transplantation surgery begin from £4,000, usually including aftercare. The whole cost will depend on the type of procedure required and the number of grafts.
  • Facial hair transplant costs such as eyebrow, beards, moustaches, and sideburns. Costs begin from £3,500, usually including aftercare. The complete cost will also depend on the type of procedure required and the number of grafts.

Well, one of the most frequently asked questions that clinics usually get is hair transplant London price. This is what all patients need to know, and should constantly be part of your study process before deciding whether to go further. All patients are always treated as individuals, and a particular case will have its individual level of complexity. Moreover, you as a patient will have your individual characteristics of the hair that doctors will require to assess. One of the greatest factors will be how many hairs doctors really need to transplant depending on the degree of hair loss you have experienced.

The consultation period and in-depth planning will concern all factors, as well as evaluate the potential hair loss that you can suffer, and how best to use your donor hair to have a lifetime of results. That is why we always recommend that potential patients come to Harley Street Clinic when they conducted a study of the hair transplant London price. As part of your consultation, this will allow the expert consultant to look at your hair and decide on the safest approach to you. For example, at Harley Street Hair Clinic, the transplantation is done by one dedicated physician, whereas at a cheaper clinic the operation can be completed by several nurses to keep hair transplant cost down. Anyway, as a guideline you may expect to spend about £3,000 – £7,000 (for 500/1,200 grafts) and about £6,000 – £9,000 (1,200/2,880 grafts).

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