How to obtain a new appearance with the help of face liposuction UK?

Liposuction is usually associated with body contouring, but increasing numbers of board-certified plastic doctors are also doing great results with face liposuction UK. Generally treated areas include the jawline, cheeks, chin, and neckline. Also referred to as submental lipo, face liposuction UK can be done on its individual or with other facial rejuvenation procedures (soft tissue filler injections, a facelift, or Botox).

As many people can confirm, it is not easy to lose weight in the face. The chin and jaw areas are known to be resistant to the effects of exercise and diet. Face liposuction UK can create subtle improvements in these spots, leading to a more subtle facial profile. If you are worried that your cheeks are too plump, your doctor may recommend a cheek contraction procedure known as a reduction in buccal fat instead of facial liposuction.

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The best way to determine whether face liposuction UK is for you

If you are concerned about a neck, double chin, or jaws, there may be an option for face liposuction UK. The best way to determine whether facial liposuction is for you is to schedule a consultation with a certified plastic surgeon that has an experience of performing facial liposuction and/or other facial rejuvenation procedures. She or he will study your facial anatomy and offer you a frank discussion of your aesthetic goals and expectations.

Face liposuction UK can be performed in less than an hour, using a mild sedation plus a local anesthetic. Moreover, general anesthesia may be justified if you have other facial procedures performed simultaneously. This decision will be made along with your surgeon after a thorough consultation. Liposuction of the face is similar to liposuction in other parts of the body. The main difference is the amount of fat that is removed. On the contrary, liposuction of the hips can include the removal of extra pounds of fat.

Your exact surgical plan will depend on which facial areas are treated with liposuction. To treat the jaw or chin area, your doctor will make a cut from two to four centimeters under your chin or between the gums and the bottom of the inner lower lip. Then he or she inserts a thin tube (called the cannula) which moves back and forth to break the fat. Then the fat is cleaned from the vacuum.

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