How would look a hair transplant before and after implant?

Hair transplant before and after surgery.

Hair transplant before and after photos show you the benefits of the hair transplant and of course, it gives you motivate for you be interested in this procedure. But before we believe hair transplant before and after photos it is true and we trust that clinic we should ask some questions which gives us guaranty and give us the trust with who we are going to deal.

Nowadays a lot of clinics and hospitals do an aggressive marketing through some videos or hair transplant before and after photos. All these marketing tools should be under control but unfortunately some countries no responsibility for these tools and it goes out of control in a crazy way.

Male pattern baldness is a disease that affects most men at some stage of their lives. Causes for this may include some cancers, genetics, medications, thyroid conditions, and anabolic steroids as well as genetics, or dysfunctioning androgens, that causes the hair follicles to shrink, thereby producing shorter and finer hair.

While the condition is more common among men, a few women may also suffer from overall hair thinning and early balding due to mechanical or traction alopecia, high-stress levels and eating disorders. Hair forms an important part of a person’s appearance, and such hair loss may affect an individual’s self-esteem.

Hair restoration procedure is a surgical technique in which new hair follicles are transplanted from a hair-loss resistant area to a balding or hair thinning area. It is a permanent replacement treatment to restore the hair in the balding area. it is a permanent natural looking solution for patients suffering from balding situations or receding hairlines.

Hair transplant surgery can also be used for other body parts such as to restore eyelashes, eyebrows, beard hair, chest hair, pubic hair and to treat scars caused by hair transplant surgery.

Hair transplant before and after surgery.

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Hair transplant before and after surgery and What should I do?

Hair transplant before and after surgery, Now we will speak about before surgery.

1)_ Avoid aspirin, Advil, Motrin, alcohol, vitamins, vitamin E, steroids, cortisone creams, green tea, and smoking. All that mentioned before can make you bleed more and it makes the surgery much harder and possibly less successful.

2)_ On the day of your hair transplant surgery, take a shower and wash your hair with a normal shampoo. Avoid using any type of hairspray or other lotions before the surgery.

3)_ Have a light breakfast, but do not drink milk, white tea or coffee upto 12 hours before your surgery. This is because when you are under anaesthetic, your body’s reflexes are temporarily stopped. If your stomach has food and drinks in it, there is a risk of vomiting, or regurgitation (bringing up food into your throat).  If this happens, the regurgitated food can spill into your lungs and affect your breathing, as well as cause damage to your lungs.

4)_ Arrange for a means of transportation. Do not drive on your own under the influence of valium (a medicine used for treating anxiety) or painkillers since they cause drowsiness.

Hair transplant before and after surgery.

Hair transplant before and after surgery, Now we will speak about after surgery.

1)_ The first day out from surgery, take a shower. Wash your body as you usually do. Then shampoo the donor area with your usual shampoo.

2)_ Be soft, and just use your fingers with the hair. Don’t use a comb, hairdryer, or you might catch a stitch with the comb. Wash hair over the receiver region the first postop morning, but do not shampoo it until the second day after the hair transplant surgery.

3)_ After hair transplant surgery goes home and rest.  Keep your head up about 45 degrees. A recliner will be helpful.

4)_ A headwrap will be placed around your head for the first night. The next morning after hair transplant surgery, take scissors and just cut the headwrap and remove it. Do not pull it off, or you might pull out some grafts. Do not leave it on more than the first night either, your head will swell later on if you do so.

Hair transplant before and after surgery.

Hair transplant before and after and What are the realistic expectations after a hair transplant procedure?

1)_ Hair restoration surgery or hair transplant procedure can improve the way you look and give your hair a perfect original look.

2)_ During a hair restoration procedure, finite amount of hair can be planted from donor sites on your body to the affected area.

3)_ Partial or full baldness or thin hair problems can be solved with the help of hair restoration procedure. Nevertheless, the patients have to know that the hair fall problem can only be stopped with the help of medications, etc.

4)_ The hair restoration procedure may be done in one go using motorised FUE (Follicular unit extraction) Devices, whereas manual transplant may require more than one appointments depending on how much hair is to be transplanted. Therefore, in this case, it takes a longer duration to realise the final results of the procedure.

Hair transplant before and after surgery.

Hair transplant before and after and Who Should Avoid Undergoing Hair Transplant?

1)_ As the hair transplantation procedure surgery is mainly affected with the scalp skin only, there is no danger to expecting mothers. So, pregnant women can safely undergo hair transplants procedures.

2)_ Hair transplantation procedure surgery is done under the effect of local anesthesia, so the hair transplant procedure does not directly interfere with the functioning of the heart, etc. But there are always risks and chances to the patients having dangerous and serious heart diseases and they should consult with the surgeons before taking the treatment.

3)_ Heavy drinkers and smokers are also not allowed to undergo the hair transplant treatment because of the risk of internal and external bleeding. If they have to take the treatment they also have to abstain from their drinking and smoking habits at least a few weeks before the time of the hair transplant procedure.

Here in this article we mentioned all what is necessary for hair transplant before and after surgery

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