In what cases do you need tooth implant London?

In modern times, the most effective and painless way to restore teeth is tooth implant London. Thanks to the use of implants, the artificial tooth is no different from the natural one, while maintaining a healthy smile and completely restoring the chewing function. Modern dental clinics use this method of recovery quite often. This method was popular because of minimal recovery time, low cost, the least traumatic, and the effective result.

Usually, tooth implant London replaces missing teeth that have been removed due to trauma, illness, or any decay. It is usually more convenient than a crown or dental plate, and therefore implants become very popular. Implants can be implemented to replace either one missing tooth or more than one or the entire set. Primarily tooth implant London may seem more expensive than other solutions, such as bridges, but in the long run, they are cheaper because of the last longer and maintenance costs are much lower. Medically, implants outperform other tooth replacement solutions because they feel and look and function like your own teeth.

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There is nothing better than your own teeth. But what if the tooth had to be removed? Dental implants UK are one of the most effective ways to improve your ...

The first dental implantation and modern tooth implant London

For the first time, dental implantation began to be used in practice in the second half of the 20th century. Scientist Branemark embodied for the first time his research into reality, which is applied to the present time. Such a discovery at that time struck many dentists. He used titanium as a material for the implant. This was a new level of development in the dental field. In modern times, dental implants are in great demand. Tooth implant London is performed in the absence of one or more teeth. Such dental elements in their structure and form resemble the root of the tooth. The materials used are biocompatible with bone tissue (ceramics, titanium, and zirconium dioxide).

Tooth implant London has many advantages over different methods of dental treatment. However, there are some risks and disadvantages that any patient should consider. Dental implantation may be more intrusive than other procedures, and bone preparation for the implant is risky. Avoid blood vessels, nerves and other healthy teeth and their roots, so in some ways positioning is limited but at the same time it is very important. The final restoration of the dental implants depends on good positioning, so it must be very accurate, sometimes to a fraction of a millimeter. Since the invasive nature of the preparation of the site of implantation, hygiene is extremely important. Hygiene in dental surgery can be taken for granted but neglected oral health, smoking or poor diet on the part of the patient can lead to unsuccessful treatments and then to bone damage, which makes further treatment very difficult or even impossible.

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