What are the main reasons why patients will seek a non surgical rhinoplasty UK?

The most attractive features of the face are the skin, eyes, and smile. A handsome or beautiful nose combines with the surrounding facial features. In the case where the nose is not in balance with the facial features, the nose can generally draw attention. This is the most frequent cause why patients seek a non surgical rhinoplasty UK.

A non surgical rhinoplasty UK is an in-office procedure where injectable dermal fillers are inserted in the nose to improve and change its shape. Injectable fillers have been safely and successfully used for facial augmentation for many years. Facial dermal fillers do not correct the underlying cartilage or bone shape of the nose. By adding volume to the nose, a doctor can improve the nose to form a shape that combines with the surrounding facial features.

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There are many reasons why patients will seek a non surgical rhinoplasty UK:

  • Improved Bridge Definition. Asian and African-American noses usually have a flatter and wider dorsum and nasal bridge. It can limit the definition along the nasal bridge if this nasal shape is present. The nasal bridge can be completely defined and raised.
  • Nasal Bump. Patients that have a bump or nasal hump are great candidates for non surgical rhinoplasty UK. Dermal fillers can be added below and above the nasal hump to mask it. It can change a harsh or masculine nose into a more feminine and softer nose.
  • Correcting Asymmetries. The nose is naturally asymmetric when comparing the left and right sides. It may be exacerbated in some cases after a previous nose surgery. These asymmetries can usually be improved.
  • Crooked Nose. There are several causes of a crooked nose. One frequent cause is a depression in the nose. It can produce an illusion of crookedness and asymmetry. By only filling this depression, it can completely straighten a crooked nose.
  • Improving Tip Definition. In patients that have broad tips, the addition of dermal filler to the nasal tip can subtly change the projection and shape of the nasal tip.

Non surgical rhinoplasty UK usually takes between ten and fifteen minutes. Before the procedure, numbing cream will be used to the nasal area. After numbing, injectable dermal filler will be located in the nose. Two weeks after, the doctor will have the patient coming to the facility for an evaluation. At that time, she or he will inspect the nose to ensure the greatest outcome. If any improvement is desirable, the extra filler will be placed.

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