The most frequent reasons for considering women’s hair transplant UK

Women’s hair transplant UK could be of help to females, who are suffering from the problem of hair loss (alopecia). The most frequent reasons for considering hair transplant in the UK are the highest quality of the surgery and no waiting list for the treatment. Decent medical facilities and experienced surgeons have made the UK the favoured medical destination for many patients.

Women’s hair transplant UK procedure requires taking small groups of hair follicles from an area of the scalp where there is permanent and sufficient hair growth (donor area) and then transferring them to the area of the hair loss ( recipient area). Usually, women’s hair loss tends to be more diffused than men. It means that the hair of women becomes thin for the most part or over the entire head. Women are not bald completely. They can have hair loss in the region of hair partition. In men, alopecia or hair loss regularly occurs on the upper part of the head, the back and sides are usually discarded. Donor’s hair is ordinarily taken from the back and sides in cases of both men and women’s hair transplant UK. In almost all situations of hair loss, follicular units received from the donor area are set between existing hairs in the recipient’s area. This procedure, if not done carefully, can shock the hair nearby. You can find various pictures before and after the female hair transplantation to find out about the outcomes.

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Women’s hair transplant UK is required in next cases:

  • Hormonal imbalances caused by menopause, pregnancy or some other problem can result in female hair loss.
  • Special medications and medical conditions can lead to the problem of hair loss in females.
  • Severe tension or prolonged stress can also contribute to hair loss in females.
  • Reasons for the rebound of the female hairline
  • Some other factors, such as the use of hair colours and harsh shampoos can also trigger this problem.

More than ten million women in the UK are currently experiencing hair loss. Female hair loss can be caused because of several reasons; from stress and malnutrition to hormonal imbalance and alopecia traction. A significant number do not need a hair transplant. Nevertheless, in the case of notable female hair loss, you will need women’s hair transplant UK. Therefore, as there can be many factors and reasons affecting female hair loss, we advise a consultation and in-depth lifestyle study with one of your chosen highly experienced doctors (trichologists).

Be ready that women’s hair transplant UK cost per graft is usually higher than for male treatment. It can usually change from $6-$9 per transplant, depending on the type of your hair and number of the grafts required. So, the fact is that real costs are a balance of many parts. The considerable value in the female hair transplant cost is played by the way in which it is planned to transplant the hair.

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