What are two stages of setting dental implant Turkey?

Implant Turkey is an artificial titanium root, which is fixed in the bone to the place of the missing tooth and on which, subsequently, the crown is fixed. Implants are made of titanium – a reliable and safe biocompatible material.

As we understand natural tooth structure consists of a tooth and a root, so in a dental implant Turkey procedure, doctors replace the root with an implant and replace the tooth with a denture or crown. The implant itself gives a strong foundation for the crown and it can be either removable or fixed. Dental implant procedures are carried out in the clinic or dental office in one or two stages. Dental implants price in Turkey is a huge draw for patients. Much like the price of dental implants in India and other dental tourism destinations, many patients can save up to 70% in procedural fees and costs as compared to Europe or the U.S.

The installation of implants with ceramic crowns is the best way to restore lost teeth. This solution is very high quality, durable (implants have a lifetime lifespan) and, of course, comfortable, which is important. It should also be noted that the placement of implant Turkey can improve the condition of the bone tissue.

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Teeth can be lost for several reasons: disease, injury, age, or insufficient oral hygiene. It is no difficulty to restore what is lost in the current world as ...

Usually, the setting of implant Turkey is carried out in two stages:

  1. The operation to install the implant. After this procedure, a break (3-4 months) is required before the crowns are placed on the implants. During these months, the implant Turkey will firmly anchor in the bone, the so-called healing of the implant will occur. During these months you can wear a temporary denture.
  2. The stage of setting crowns on implants. The doctor removes casts and makes ceramic crowns on implants.

Dental implant Turkey is applied to substitute injured or damaged tooth roots. It works as teeth foundations and dentist places removable or fixed crowns on them to replace the natural teeth. Moreover, dental implants are applied to enhance the shape and appearance of your mouth, ease speaking and eating, improve oral hygiene and reduce the hassles that occur with removable dentures such as messy dental adhesives, slippage, and cleaning. According to WebMD’s oral health resource, success degrees of dental implants are dependent on their position in the jaw but in general, dentist finds that there is a success rate of up to 97% in these procedures.

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