Sleeve Revision Surgery in Turkey

The idea of regaining the weight is daunting. Most patients manage to keep off around half of their excess weight even after five years of a gastric sleeve, and some other bariatric surgery patients regain some of their lost weight within two years following the treatment. 

However, it is essential to note that weight regain is ordinary, and often you can only retrieve a small fraction of your excessive weight.

If you are unhappy with your weight after your first gastric sleeve surgery, you can have it redone, which is known as a gastric sleeve revision. And today we’ll explain to you how to perform it abroad!

Gastric Sleeve Revision Packages

Band to Sleeve Revision
7 days1000
  • Location5
  • Hospital5
  • Services5
  • Price5
  • Rooms5
Kurtköy, Ankara Caddesi No: 390/3, Pendik/İstanbul, Türkiye

Before After Photos

Is Turkey safe for sleeve Revision Surgery?

Without a doubt. Turkey is a safe place to have sleeve revision surgery or any other type of weight loss surgery. Turkey has long been regarded as one of the best medical tourism destinations. Although Turkey has been a prominent place for many aesthetic surgeries, you will undoubtedly find a surgeon with many years of experience in obesity and weight loss treatments.

And in case if you are concerned about your public safety? It’s safe; as you can see, Turkey is not a third-world country; they have the world’s 20th richest GDP, which may help you understand it a little better.

Why Sleeve Revision Surgery Cheaper in Turkey?

Many factors can contribute to this commonly asked topic about medical tourism in Turkey: why does sleeve revision surgery cost less in Turkey, and how come many other aesthetic treatments are less expensive?

Well, Turkey is a tourism country, which means that tourism is one of the country’s earnings. Turkey’s case is a massive income considering the millions of visitors who come every year. As for medical tourism, the government does support the medical field to help develop the country’s tourist industry while also offering cheaper tools and instruments to the healthcare centers and making it cheaper for them to perform surgery, unlike other countries.

Why is Turkey the Best option abroad for Sleeve Revision?

When you think about it, there aren’t many other countries that come to mind when it comes to traveling abroad for cosmetic procedures or a sleeve revision, which involves not only many years of expertise but also a surgeon who is committed to each patient’s body to enable them to make a life-changing decision.

Although flying abroad for sleeve revisions may be a less expensive option, additional factors to consider including,  how far your overseas destination is, whether they have qualified doctors, and how familiar you are with the location.

And Since there are only a few countries in Europe that provide sleeve revision surgery, they are usually recent relative to Turkey, as at this moment it is uncommon that you don’t get a Turkey for a medical tourism reference, and that’s why Turkey is the best as of now!


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