What are important tips for successful embryo transfer during IVF?

Embryo transfer is a day when the hopes and fertility treatment converge. You have got one or more embryos that are ready to transfer. So what should a woman do to maximize the chances before and after the embryo transfer?

Embryo transfer can be easy and effective

  • Find the most experienced doctor. The transfer of embryos is common. However, insist on an experienced doctor or consultant in the embryo transfer team. In any case, he or she will be the person who still controlled your departure. Experience matters. An experienced practitioner has a steady hand and you want the best.
  • Make adummy run. The transfer of embryos should be simple and quick. Think about asking your doctor to do the mockup of the transfer before the real thing. He may object that this is not necessary. Ask why not. Sometimes this can help to overestimate the uterine cavity, to find any potential entry barriers (for example, cervical growth) and to determine whether an alternative catheter should be used.
  • Do many tests. This may seem obvious, but do not trust clinics that avoid the necessary preliminary tests. If they do not ask for key results, they care more about their bank balance than your transfer of embryos. For patients with IVF using their own eggs, it is necessary to profile hormones (FSH, AMG, etc.).
  • Do not go to bed after embryo transfer. It is a myth that bed rest after embryo transplantation helps. You better relax and stay in a vertical position. Then take a walk in the park, but do not do strenuous exercises. No heavy lifts and trampolines, as well as hot tubs.
  • Try not to sneeze or to cough. If you have a cold on your day of embryo transfer, tell your doctor. You should not cough or sneeze during the procedure. This probably will not affect your chances of implantation after embryos are located, but sneezing with a catheter inside your uterus is unreasonable. Ask for a cough remedy to keep the spray in fear. Keep quiet and zoned.

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