What are the indications for vaser London?

Liposuction is a surgical operation aimed at removing excess fat from certain parts of the body. It can be done on any part of the body, including the abdomen, buttocks, back, hips, knees, lower legs, and shoulders. In addition, facial liposuction of the cheeks, chin, and neck is often performed. The undeniable advantage of liposuction is the absence of scars, as access to fat is provided by skin punctures that heal independently. Patients usually obtain this effect with the help of vaser London.

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Vaser London with other plastic surgeries

Liposuction can be done alone or in combination with other plastic surgeries, such as breast reduction or abdominoplasty. And also can be performed immediately on several parts of the body. It can be any part of the face or body with significant excess fat: 1) axillary ridges; 2) hands; 3) upper abdomen; 4) lower abdomen; 5) pubis; 6) the ears on the hips; 7) the area of breeches; 8) inner thighs; 9) the outer side of the thighs; 10) knees; 11) shin

Vaser London liposuction can be used for breast reduction: for example, in young girls with the early development of the mammary glands, liposuction of the breast slows and reduces the growth of the mammary glands. The procedure at this age helps to avoid radical surgery in the future.

If you are worried about excess fatty complications anywhere in your body and these deposits are not removed by diet and exercise, then Vaser London liposuction will be the ideal solution for solving this problem. The best candidates for any liposuction (abdomen, thighs, etc.) are healthy patients aged 18 years with a weight exceeding the ideal body weight by 30% with dense elastic skin and good muscle tone.

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