What are the most important criteria choosing Turkey hair transplant clinic?

Alopecia, or alopecia, is a disease that affects about 60% of men and 37% of women today. The causes of hair loss are a huge number and among them, there are factors to which the athletes are exposed. For example, bodybuilders are well aware that taking certain steroids with a predisposition contributes to an accelerated loss of hair. Regular trauma to the skin of the head as a result of practicing various types of wrestling and boxing, swimming in water saturated with disinfectants can also lead to hair loss. The constant physical and emotional overstrain, which is typical of almost all sports, is also a risk factor. In most cases, hair transplant Turkey is the only possible solution to this problem. Turkey hair transplant clinic.

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Qualification of the medical staff choosing Turkey hair transplant clinic

In the issue of choosing Turkey hair transplant clinic, a high price is not a sign of a better service. It rather reflects the popularity of the medical center, as well as the level of costs for the maintenance of the clinic and related services. Therefore, when choosing the main criterion should be the qualification of the medical staff, as well as the characteristics of the techniques used and patient feedback. In the Turkey hair transplant clinic, in addition to all sorts of plastic surgery, it is possible to transplant the already known methods of STRIP and FUE. The specialists with many years of experience will help to achieve the desired result for each patient. The cost of transferring one graft is from 1, 5 to 3 dollars.

HFE is the Turkey hair transplant clinic where hair transplantation is carried out using the most advanced and effective complete non-surgical method of Hand follicular extraction (HFE).When this technology is implemented, the follicle is taken by the doctor manually, without the use of a scalpel or machine, with the help of a special micro tool which is a microtubule needle with a diameter of only 0.5-0.8 mm.

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