What are the obvious advantages of the tummy tuck Scotland?

In the human figure, the abdomen area is one of the most problematic. With age, excessive fat is formed here, the skin is stretched. Women are especially affected by the problem. The solution is the tummy tuck Scotland, carried out according to modern methods. Abdominoplasty or tummy tuck is a surgical procedure that allows you quickly return to a slender waist and a flat elastic tummy. Also, this operation helps women get rid of stretch marks and the impending abdomen after childbirth. Abdominoplasty is one of the five most popular plastic surgeries.

The growing abdomen is a consequence of numerous diseases associated with metabolic disorders. For women, the solution to the problem of an excessive fat layer becomes relevant after delivery. And men, starting with age from a sedentary lifestyle, suffer from a deformity of the abdominal wall. People who have undergone a course of weight loss on the abdomen are formed unattractive folds of excess skin. Tummy tuck Scotland surgery is one of the most developed in the world. Scottish clinics are equipped with the latest technology, and the qualifications of doctors are not inferior to European or American. At the same time, belly-shape correction in Scotland is cheaper.

A tummy tuck Scotland does not mean an appropriate exercise program or weight loss. Although the outcomes of an abdominoplasty are permanent, the positive result can be considerably reduced by significant changes in your weight. For this understanding, women who are planning future pregnancies and individuals who are thinking about visible weight loss would be recommended to postpone this surgery.

The skill of Scottish surgeons allows you to solve the most difficult tasks associated with the tummy tuck Scotland and with absolute certainty to guarantee a positive result. Therefore, the main method of changing the shape of the abdomen in Scotland is an abdominoplasty. This procedure involves removing excess skin, subcutaneous fat and pulling up muscle tissue. The method is characterized by safety, the absence of complications and a fast rehabilitation period. Indications for abdominoplasty are:

  • excess of skin or subcutaneous fat in the abdomen;
  • contraindications for liposuction;
  • pronounced stretch marks;
  • lowered anterior abdominal wall;
  • scars after surgery, for example, caesarean section.

Before the tummy tuck Scotland, the patient is carefully examined for contraindications. The very operation of tightening the abdominal skin is carried out under general anaesthesia and involves stitching the abdominal muscles in the most effective position through several incisions on the skin. The operation is carried out in several ways. The choice of method depends on the cost of tummy tuck Scotland.

  • At small volumes of sagging skin mini-abdominoplasty is used, which is carried out with the help of a minimum number of incisions.
  • To conduct standard abdominoplasty, the doctor makes cuts in the bikini zone, after which excess skin is removed and a new form of muscle is formed.
  • With extensive sagging of the skin in the abdomen, sides, back, thighs, extensive abdominoplasty is performed.
  • The least traumatic is endoscopic abdominoplasty, which is performed to tighten the muscles without removing excess skin.

Most often, tummy tuck Scotland (especially endoscopic) is combined with liposuction – a procedure that allows the patient to get rid of fat deposits. In Scottish hospitals, liposuction is done in several ways:

  • dry liposuction – fat suction under vacuum;
  • tumescent – with the use of a special liquid;
  • syringe – for point removal of small amounts of fat;
  • non-surgical – with the introduction drugs into the body that break down fat;
  • laser – with the splitting of fat by laser;
  • ultrasonic – with the action of ultrashort radiation.

The greatest way to conduct liposuction in Israel is the laser. During the procedure, short-wave laser radiation acts directly on the fat cells, immediately splitting them. Laser abdominal plastic is one of the most effective, low-traumatic and safe ways to get rid of excess fat. Often, laser liposuction is combined with tumescent – performing pumping fat with the help of special equipment. The effect of the procedure appears immediately, which allows the surgeon to build the desired contour of the body.

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Tummy tuck Scotland program

  1. Examination of the patient, collection of analyzes and choice of the tummy tuck method.
  2. Consult the surgeon, plan and prepare the patient for the tummy tuck Scotland.
  3. Conducting the abdominoplasty in the clinic chosen by the patient.
  4. Elimination of possible cosmetic defects.
  5. Carrying out procedures for rehabilitation.

Like any operation, abdominoplasty has contraindications:

  • Presence of chronic diseases.
  • Planned future pregnancy.
  • Bad coagulability of blood.
  • Cardiac and pulmonary insufficiency. Diseases of the endocrine system (diabetes mellitus). Allergy and taking certain medications.

Tummy tuck Scotland is considered a vast intervention in the human body. Therefore, it usually takes 2-3 weeks to recover from surgery. The first two or three days prescribed bed rest. Within a month, and sometimes more, the patient is required to wear compression lingerie. On the 4th-5th day, therapeutic gymnastics is shown so that there is no stagnation in the legs and in the chest area. Physical stress on the abdominal press is possible only after 2-3 months after tummy tuck Scotland.

After the birth of a child, almost all women face the problem of restoring the former beauty of the abdomen and waist. Stretched abdomen, weakened muscles and accumulated fat change the figure of a woman after childbirth is not for the better. From caesarean section often remains an ugly scar. You can tighten your stomach without resorting to surgery but, unfortunately, not everyone succeeds. Therefore, tummy tuck Scotland is a quick and proven way to make a woman in a slender form.

Surgical intervention is a serious stress for the body. Tummy tuck Scotland is recommended to be done only when other methods do not help. You can try to tighten the tummy and make a slender waist without resorting to surgery. There are many effective methods for this. The choice of method depends on the patient’s desire and on the degree of deformity of the abdomen. Some people need only slightly pull up a saggy tummy, while others have to remove a solid layer of fat from the waist. Non-surgical methods can be divided into several types:

  • Cosmetic massage: by manual action with the help of massage movements, blood circulation improves, muscle tone increases, the skin becomes elastic and smooth.
  • Cosmetic wrapping: carried out with the use of special creams, improves the structure of the skin.
  • Minimally invasive methods: mesotherapy, filament lifting.
  • Hardware methods: radio wave lifting, ultrasonic cavitation, laser liposuction, galvanotherapy.
  • Cream for weight loss: for the tightening of the abdomen there are many creams, but they can only be an auxiliary. They cannot melt the fat but can help in a complex with other methods.
  • Physical exercises.

Scottish clinics have a number of obvious advantages:

  • The latest modern equipment of the modern developments.
  • Experienced surgeons who perform abdominal plastic surgery in large volumes, creating the invaluable practice.
  • Highly qualified staff
  • Full rehabilitation and comfortable treatment conditions.

Well, if you are considering this surgery, make sure you are informed about the tummy tuck cost and the fact that it is a major operation, with all risks to consider. Tummy tuck cost can change significantly for a number of great reasons. The number of the patient’s expenses will depend on the surgical technique chosen, the need for muscle suction, and liposuction. The average prices for a mini tummy tuck Scotland range from $1000 to $4000. Compared with the full abdominoplasty, mini tummy tuck costs about 30-40% cheaper. Also, in different cases, the cost may or may not include costs for anaesthesia, medications, compression underwear, and the postoperative period in the clinic, etc.

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