What are the reasons for choosing infertility treatments abroad (infertility tourism)?

Traveling abroad for the treatment of infertility is 1 of the fastest growing areas of medical tourism. In addition, we can call it infertility tourism. The birth rate of infertility tourism in recent years has increased. Patients now have hundreds of accredited clinics and hospitals to choose from. Many of the physicians in such countries are trained in Canada, the US, or Western Europe so they support the latest innovations in assisted reproductive products, methods, and technologies.

Infertility tourism has become the main option for the past decade for many people seeking to become parents. First, couples should have access to information. It will help them to find affordable, safe, and reliable fertility treatments and procedures. This is not too difficult to find details about the doctors’ credentials, real patient testimonials, clinic’s accreditation, success rates of the procedure, the real costs for a certain treatment with all expenditures included, or detailed evaluation and clinical data of the procedure.

Prices of the IVF treatment in developed countries. Infertility tourism

Choosing to go to a foreign country for infertility tourism is a difficult decision to make. It is even more difficult when a future child is involved in the process. However, what is the reason why future parents choose to go abroad? The main reason is the price of treatment. In vitro fertilization can be really expensive, especially when several cycles are required or when additional procedures such as IUI, ICSI, sex selection, semen donation, egg donation are required. Traveling to a foreign country can help medical tourists save up to 50-70%, including travel, all costs for hospital, and other fees. In the United States, a single cycle of IVF ranges from $ 12,000 to $ 13,700. However, in emerging markets such as Argentina ($ 4,900), Turkey ($ 5,000), Mexico ($ 3,500) or Thailand ($ 4,000), Ukraine, India ($ 3,000) is falling sharply.

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