What are the reasons for performing chin liposuction London?

A thick fatty bezel framing the bottom of the face represents a serious cosmetic defect. The so-called double chin is formed due to the age-related decrease in the elasticity of the skin, excess weight, or a special structure of the bones of the neck and lower jaw. Cosmetologists eliminate this flaw in different ways but the most effective way to solve the problem of the second chin is chin liposuction London.

Liposuction is the least traumatic surgery to remove a fatty face roller. Experts do not make large incisions on the skin in the process of carrying it out, so the recovery is quick and without any significant pain.

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Indications for chin liposuction London:

  • Folds at the bottom of the face.
  • A distinctly pronounced second chin.
  • Unaesthetic appearance of the lower part of the face.
  • The sagging of tissues that have lost their elasticity.
  • Psychological complexes caused by the enlargement of the chin.

Frequent visitors to plastic surgeons are women with an excess of fat layer under the lower jaw. The formed fat makes the contour of the face very vague, which creates psychological and physical discomfort. In the presence of a massive chin, it is inconvenient to tilt the head and turn it in different directions. By performing chin liposuction London, you can quickly remove excess fat and not think about its return. The procedure gives a lifelong effect.

Classical liposuction is a rarity in the current cosmetic surgery. Today, experts use more gentle methods, which give a quick result and do not cause adverse reactions. If the patient has other problems on the face other than an excess of adipose tissue, the doctor may decide that the liposuction can be combined with a lifting.

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