What are the reasons to choose tummy tuck London?

Many women want to have a flat belly and attractive shapes. However, to achieve such a result is not easy. This requires a lot of effort. Some women go to gyms in day and night, while others are exhausting themselves with diets. Unfortunately, even with proper nutrition and observance of a healthy lifestyle, it is not always possible to achieve the desired forms and remove fat in undesirable places. There is a surgical operation to eliminate all these problems. The procedure is called tummy tuck or abdominoplasty and is very popular. And this is not surprising, because the operation helps to get rid of problems safely and in a short time. One of the best places to conduct this surgery is, of course, London. Tummy tuck London is understood as a surgical operation to remove fat in the area of the anterior abdominal cavity. The purpose of this surgical procedure is to tighten the skin and eliminate excess deposits. With the help of carrying out the tummy tuck London, muscle tone is restored and fatty deposits and sagging skin disappear.

Tummy tuck London is necessary in case of excess fat deposits. The procedure of abdominoplasty helps to get rid of striae and wrinkles, tighten the skin, remove scars, remove an umbilical hernia and strengthen the muscles. The surgical operation is indicated for women who want to correct the body, emphasize the contours of the waist and get rid of extra pounds. In addition, a full tummy tuck London is performed when patients need to contour the entire abdomen area. The procedure from start to finish takes from four to five hours. A full recovery after the procedure for a tummy tuck takes about six months. Mini-tummy tuck is designed for patients who have a localized excess of adipose tissue in the lower abdomen. The procedure is minimally invasive and takes about one hour. After a mini-tummy tuck, patients recover within a month.

Often, the abdominoplasty is combined with liposuction of the flanks, back, or the skin-fat flap, with the aim of thinning it. Indications for liposuction are set taking into account the human constitution, the presence of excess local fat and are formulated individually in each case. If there are abdominal hernias, in particular, umbilical hernia, plastic hernia grafts can be made simultaneously with a special net – this is a radical way of treating and eliminating hernias, which gives the most predictable and reliable results. In some cases, tummy tuck London is combined with the plastic of the back. This is quite traumatic but in some cases, it is a necessity and gives excellent aesthetic results. The operation of abdominoplasty is carried out in London since all clinics have the necessary equipment and specialists of the highest category work there.

Reasons to choose London for tummy tuck surgery:

  • The compliance of all clinics with the most advanced standards – international certificates, licenses obtained in various specialized institutions. This guarantees the unrivalled quality of services, their safety and effectiveness.
  • The availability of all necessary accreditation at medical institutions – London has the leading place in the world in terms of the number of accredited clinics.
  • Advanced methods of treatment, state-of-the-art equipment allow providing assistance requiring high-tech effects and individually developed techniques.
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The preparation for tummy tuck London surgery

Tummy tuck London takes place in a hospital under general anaesthesia and lasts from two to five hours. Before starting the procedure, the doctor marks lines on the abdomen, along which the incisions will be performed. The boundaries are marked at the locations of the folds, taking into account the possible displacement. Tummy tuck London begins with the fact that the doctor conducts incisions along previously planned lines. Further, excess fat is pumped out by the cannula and the muscle tissue is lifted. At the end of the procedure, the abdominoplasty installs a subcutaneous drainage system and treats the wound with an antiseptic. The superimposed, self-absorbing sutures are closed with sterile dressings. It is important for the patient to wear compression underwear after carrying out tummy tuck London. Before the abdominoplasty:

  • try to reduce weight as much as possible, the less fat, the easier it will be to undergo the surgery;
  • refrain from drinking alcohol;
  • wearing a bandage if fat deposits and hanging skin are more than 10 cm;
  • do not smoke at least two weeks before the surgery;
  • discard some medications (check the list with the doctor in consultation);
  • do not take water and food on the day of surgery.

Recovery after tummy tuck London depends on the quality of the operation. If the surgery is successful, the rehabilitation will be short and easy, if not – you will need to stay in the hospital under the supervision of doctors. However, regardless of the outcome of the tummy tuck London, all patients are recommended to stay in the hospital for at least one or two days. During this period, doctors will help your body recover and return to normal mode of operation. The first time after the surgical procedure for the abdominoplasty, minor pain may be disturbing. Usually, it lasts from one to three days. In the presence of pain, it is better to remain in the hospital until they disappear completely. This will allow your body to fully recover and avoid serious complications.

The most frequent question: is pregnancy possible after abdominoplasty? Pregnancy after abdominal plastic surgery is possible. The surgical procedure does not affect the baby’s development and pregnancy in any way. However, abdominoplasty can significantly affect the appearance. Childbirth after performing a surgical operation of this kind can cause deformity of the anterior abdominal wall. If you still have already done abdominoplasty, then plan your pregnancy as an apparent six months or half a year after the tummy tuck London. During this period, a strong scar will form and heal damaged tissues. Each case is considered on an individual basis, so consult with a doctor about this.

The outcome of the operation depends on the choice of a hospital, clinic or medical institution, where the tummy tuck London will be performed. Choose a medical institution, paying attention to visitors’ reviews, prices (they cannot be very low), and photos before and after, qualifications of doctors and the equipment used for the operation. Read reviews about the doctor who wants to carry out the plastic surgery in London and find out the level of his skill.

In each medical centre in London, the price for abdominoplasty is different. The cost of a surgical procedure depends on the status of the clinic, hospital prices per day, bandaging, consumables, stitches, physician qualifications and the type of operation. The average price for the tummy tuck London starts from $3,500. Usually, the cost of additional services and hospital stay after the surgery is included in the final price of the procedure. Carrying out the procedure for the plasticity of the abdomen is painless and effective. After the surgery, there are no visible traces and serious complications. For abdominoplasty to be successful, choose medical centres with good reviews. The main thing – do not worry!

There are contraindications for carrying out the tummy tuck surgery. This is a number of diseases of the cardiovascular system, systemic connective tissue diseases, uncompensated diabetes mellitus and bleeding disorders, decompensate chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases. Since contraindications are both absolute and relative, in any case, the final decision is made by the surgeon after the preoperative examination.

Absolute contraindications to abdominoplasty:

  • autoimmune diseases;
  • inflammatory diseases in the acute phase;
  • acute and chronic heart failure;
  • pregnancy;
  • breastfeeding period of the child;
  • diabetes;
  • oncology;
  • blood diseases in the patient or relatives;
  • obesity caused by endocrine pathologies.

Relative contraindications:

  • chronic diseases in remission;
  • The desire to give birth to a child (just for women). After a tummy tuck London, the skin on the abdomen becomes smaller, and the scar after the procedure is quite large, pregnancy can provoke the appearance of large stretch marks, deformation of the abdomen after the birth of the child. Inelastic skin and the inability of straight muscles to “diverge” will not allow the stomach to “grow” forward; increasing fetal pressure can cause disruption of the bowel and urinary system. Therefore, doctors are strongly advised not to resort to surgery before childbirth.

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