What are the tasks of a dental reconstruction UK?

A dental reconstruction UK aims to remove all of the old dental crowns, tooth decay, and old fillings while improving the bite position. Everyone’s jaw movements and anatomy are different so everyone requires a separate bite position to idealize their comfort and health. The dentist will take off all of the old dental work such as fillings, porcelain veneers, and crowns and restore them with latest dental work designed to build the new bite. Dental reconstruction UK should clean up any tooth infection or decay and promote the oral health.

Dental Implants UK

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Entire dental reconstruction UK

Patients who did not have teeth or who already had a lot of dentistry in the past, such as porcelain veneers, dental crowns, silver or composite fillers have good reasons for restoring their entire dental reconstruction UK. Over the years, all the dental work has been performed at various times that meant that it was not certainly designed in accordance with what existed at that time and surely not with what was to happen. This type of dental dentistry does not allow the dentist to improve your bite or jaw position, as they must comply with existing conditions.

Over the years all people clench and grind their teeth to some degree. This suggests that our bites are eroding and changing at different rates. When you see someone with hard bruxism (tooth grinding), they have lost important amounts of tooth height. This may lead to enamel, thin, tooth decay, enamel fractures, and tooth sensitivity all of which are valid reasons to think about a dental reconstruction UK. When tooth decay is present, even if it is only from natural chewing and wear, it can still be a great reason to consider a mouth reconstruction as long as it is non-invasively performed.

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