What are the techniques of nose surgery (rhinoplasty)?

Rhinoplasty is a plastic surgery aimed at correcting the shape and size of the nose with a surgical or non-surgical way. Often, rhinoplasty is combined with septoplasty (correction of the septum of the nose).

Therefore, it is especially important to preserve not only the beauty of the nose but its functions. Nose plastic surgery takes into account not only aesthetic but also medical (reduction or absence of nasal breathing) indications.

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Rhinoplasty or nose surgery is one of the most regularly performed facial cosmetic procedures in the UK. Also known as a nose job, rhinoplasty is designed to ...

Do not forget that the nose performs a number of important functions:

  • Respiratory
  • Olfactory
  • Reflex
  • Protective
  • Resonator (speech)

In plastic surgery, there is open, closed and non-surgical rhinoplasty. Each of them is applied based on specific goals. The method of rhinoplasty is selected at the internal consultation after a visual examination. The determining moment is the degree of deformation, the presence of a respiratory function disorder, as well as your wishes.

An open technique provides access in the area of the columella (the folds of the skin that separates the nostrils, as well as in each nostril). The operation allows the surgeon to qualitatively separate all parts of the nose, ensuring optimal visualization. The nasal frame is also examined; the shape and structures are corrected. Such an operation is justified by more extensive surgical tasks, and after it remains a scar that is hardly noticeable. Closed rhinoplasty is performed inside the nostrils. During the intervention, the skin is separated from the bone and cartilaginous tissue. All surgical procedures are carried out using a special tool. The doctor removes or adds bone and cartilaginous tissue, and then soft tissue stitches. The scar after the plastic is absolutely invisible. Many patients remain satisfied with this technique of this plastic because it is characterized by a short recovery period and excellent cosmetic qualities.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty is performed without a single incision and solves, first of all, small cosmetic defects. For example, smooth the sharp tip of the nose, the corners of the wings of the nose or eliminate asymmetry.

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