What does health insurance mean? Medical help in any time

Health insurance is a type of personal insurance that guarantees the receipt of medical assistance and compensation for the cost of purchasing medicines from the insurance company. Health insurance will help you, your family members, or your company’s employees to get quick and high-quality medical care in private and public clinics and hospitals without queues and at a convenient time for you. Health insurance programs are not standard (unless it is corporate employee insurance). Typically, insurance is developed individually, depending on your needs and requests.

Tariffs and the cost of the insurance,

depend on the list of risks, the level of programs, the number of insured, the service region, the health status of the insured, which is usually determined after a medical examination. What does health insurance usually include?

  • Inpatient care (counseling, research, surgical and therapeutic treatment, payment of hospital stay, provision of medicines).
  • Outpatient care (consultations, calling a doctor to home, registration of sick leave, diagnostic).
  • Provision, payment, and delivery of medicines.
  • Emergency medical care (ambulance, medical examination, emergency care, medication, and transportation).
  • Dental care (examination and consultations, therapeutic and surgical treatment, x-rays, and anesthesia).

The contract of health insurance is an agreement between the insured and the insurance organization. The medical organization undertakes to organize and finance the provision of medical care of a certain volume and quality. The contract is concluded from the moment of payment of the first insurance premium.

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