What does the average Turkey hair transplant cost?

9 out of 10 balding men refer hair loss as their number one concern. When the hair loss is starting to make you nervous, rest assured.  You again have the opportunity to enjoy the full head of permanent hair at an incredibly low Turkey hair transplant cost. In fact, the country is the leading country in the world for hair transplant turkey. According to an article in an independent newspaper, Turkey has a hair transplant industry worth 1 billion Dollars and Washington Post claims that about 5,000 patients annually go to Turkey for hair transplant.

If you were thinking about hair transplant Turkey for a while, you probably saw the numbers. In the UK or the USA, a hair transplant operation can cost more than £ 15,000. The cost of transplantation will vary depending on how much hair is transplanted and the average cost of the procedure is between 4,000 and 15,000 pounds sterling. On the other hand, the average Turkey hair transplant cost is an average of 1,800 to 3,200 pounds sterling.

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Turkey hair transplant cost is calculated exclusively

However, all patients should remember that Turkey hair transplant cost is calculated exclusively. Individual prices for hair follicles/grafts depend on several factors, such as the patient’s agreement to have the recipient’s location for transplant placement. A further discount can be given if patients agree to publish images (without a face) or whether the clinic can determine the appointment for a very short time (for example, if another patient canceled the procedure).

  • The actual price of FUE hair transplant without shaving the recipient area is 3.50 euros per inoculation
  • The price for BHT / Beard Hair is 3.50 euros per graft
  • The usual Turkey hair transplant cost for a fully shaved FUE hair transplant is 3.00 euros per transplant (including a full shave of the donor and the recipient site).

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