What is HFE method? Hair transplant Turkey before and after the procedure

Many people who have seen hair transplant Turkey before and after photos are wondering how this is possible. The HFE method allows hair transplant without surgical intervention, which allows not only to achieve more tangible results on the density and adhesiveness of hair but also to avoid the usual postoperative complications. This technology has already proved itself in the world of cosmetology and medicine.

HFE hair transplant Turkey refers to outpatient, minimally invasive procedures and is performed under local anesthesia. Directly hair production (follicular associations FU) is carried out by the FUI (follicle unit implantation) method without a single incision and therefore absolutely painless. Seized in the first stage, FUs are not cut and do not divide into grafts, as in the Strip and FUE Machine methods, but are already ready transplants for transplantation. Actually, the implantation of hair FU in the area of alopecia is carried out by micro needles of 0.5-0.8 mm with the help of a special Choi implant tool. Choi allows you to adjust parameters important for growth and engraftment, such as the depth of immersion of the hair follicle, the angle of the transplanted hair, the density that the patient will receive as a result of the transplant procedure.

That is why the hair transplant Turkey before and after photos show you the high density of the hair and natural look of the future hairstyle.

Hair Transplant Turkey

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Hair transplant Turkey before and after results

The procedure itself lasts only a few hours. So if you want, in one day you can transplant the full volume of hair. If you cannot stand several hours or you do not have time, you can conduct the procedure in several stages. The cycle of hair growth is 3 months. Therefore, in order to get the full result, it will take 10-12 months. If you look in stages, the hair transplant zone will become thicker gradually. After 3 months 30% of the result is visible, the density depends on the number of transplanted hair, in 6 months – 50%, 100% the result will be only after 10-12 months.  In the end, you will be pleasantly surprised with hair transplant Turkey before and after results.

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