What is important to know about cataract surgery for eye?

A cataract disease is a clouding of the lens that can make it hard for people to see. The disease is most common in older people. However, everyone can have it. If the vision starts to cloud up, you can easily have your cataract removed with the help of cataract surgery and a plastic implant put in its place. That may seem scary, but it can really make your life easier in many ways and improve your eyesight.

Who should have cataract surgery?

If you have this eye disease, it doesn’t always mean you need the cataract surgery. You may not even notice any change in your vision. Many people who have cataracts see very well if they use a magnifying lens, wear prescription glasses or rely on brighter lighting. However, as cataract develops, it can cause more problems and symptoms in everyday life. You could have blurred, yellow, dim, or double vision. It can make it hard to work on a computer, write, read, and anything else that calls for clear eyesight.

People may have bad night vision and find it too hard to drive when it is dark. Some people with advanced cataract can even fail the vision part of a driver’s test. The eye disease can make you very sensitive to glare from the sun. In addition, you may see a halo around bright lights. It can keep you from being outdoors as much as you would like. It also makes it hard to play some kinds of sport, such as golf or skiing.

If you have any of listed symptoms, cataract surgery could help you.Sometimes it is needed to get a cataract removed even if it does not bother you. The doctor might suggest the surgery if yours keeps you from having a complete eye exam and also makes it hard to treat another eye condition that you have.

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