What is ophthalmology as a branch of medicine? Eye treatment abroad

Today, thousands of people choose eye treatment abroad. Ophthalmology is a branch of medicine dedicated to our organ of vision (eyes). Diseases of the eyes are very common. There are very serious eye diseases such as the pathology of the optic nerves, the retina of the eye, the clouding of the transparent eyes, leading to blindness.

Of course, these problems are solved in well-known domestic clinics where the newest and most effective methods of treatment are used. But these clinics are a unit and the availability of treatment in them is limited. Eye treatment abroad is much easier and more effective. In Western Europe, Turkey, Israel, and the US you will be convinced that blindness is not always a verdict. Eyes are our windows into the world, giving more than 80% of information about it. And if you trust your eyes with the best and rating clinics, then the world for you will again play with colors.

What does eye treatment abroad allow people?

Eye treatment abroad allows the patients to find everything they need. There is not a single eye disease that would not be treated at clinics abroad. Experienced and qualified doctors use the latest equipment for the eye examination, the newest methods of treatment. Complete complex diagnostics is carried out with predicting what diseases of the eyes you expect in the future.

Eye treatment abroad usually involves surgery for cataracts, the cornea, the vitreous, the retina, the eyelid, the tear ducts, the eye muscles to correct strabismus. Various types of laser treatment are effectively used to treat opacities of transparent media, retinal pathology, and vision correction.

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