What is radiotherapy as one of the effective method of cancer treatment?

Radiotherapy involves the use of strong radiation to destroy cancer cells. This is a fairly common method of treating cancer. In many cases, it is also often used in combination with surgical interventions and chemotherapy. Many types of cancer are sensitive to radiation so this treatment can lead to a cure. It also helps to alleviate the symptoms of the disease. Modern methods of radiotherapy involve the effect of the maximum possible dose on the tumor. However, it is not always possible to avoid exposure to unaffected tissue, which may be somewhat damaged but is usually restored after the end of the course of treatment.

In the course of a radiotherapy session, a bundle or several beams of rays are usually directed to a part of the body from the outside (remote radiation therapy). This method excludes receiving a dose of radioactivity. It can be used to treat patients including children without any risk for them. Another method consists of introducing a radiation source into the body (internal radiation therapy or brachytherapy) for a short time. The radiation source (usually a natural radioactive substance such as cesium or iridium) can be placed near or even inside the tumor, giving a very accurate dose of radiation precisely in the right area. This method often cures cancer of the cervix and breast.

What is Radiotherapy and how it performs?

Radiotherapy is a method of local treatment. It acts purposefully only on a specific part of the body. Therefore, it benefits only in cases where the cancer is limited to one or more sites. With a very common lesion, radiotherapy is impractical.

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