What is SmartLipo UK better than other methods of liposuction?

SmartLipo UK is a method of laser-assisted liposuction. It was invented by Cynosure (the Massachusetts based company) that creates and sells the SmartLipo laser devices used in the procedure. Through small incisions in the human skin, local anesthesia is vaccinated into the areas to be operated, laser energy is used beneath the skin, and extra fat is extracted employing regular liposuction cannulas.

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Benefits of SmartLipo UK

Since its inception, SmartLipo UK has been aggressively sold as a revolutionary modern form of liposuction that stretches the skin, produces faster recovery times, and is reliable than conventional liposuction due to the application of local anesthesia. Some practitioners go so far as to inform their patients that they can bypass a Tummy Tuck because SmartLipo UK will stretch their loose tummy skin.

Liposuction in the UK, whether done using power or ultrasonic techniques, tumescent, or laser, is a great way for decreasing unwanted fat. Nevertheless, no form of liposuction will stretch the free skin significantly, including SmartLipo UK. Both doctors and patients would prefer to have a procedure that can stretch skin significantly without becoming to remove it and producing damages. Unluckily, it just does not exist. Be careful of anyone encouraging stretching your free skin using SmartLipo-UK or any other laser lipolysis machine.

SmartLipo is usually to have faster recovery times. In fact, there is no variation in recovery times between tumescent liposuction and SmartLipo UK. By and large, the time of your recovery is related to the genetics, the extent of the procedure, and age. All kinds of liposuction provide some degree of swelling and bruising that typically lasts about one to six weeks.

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