What is the best method to restore hair?

Hair transplantation is a process of hair transplantation from the occipital and lateral zones to the affected, bald scalp area. The goal of the procedure is to restore hair. For hair transplantation, material from the donor’s area of the patient is used. This is done in order to avoid the problem of tissue rejection. Therefore, the quantity and quality of hair transplantation are determined by the density and volume of the patient’s donor zone.

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How does the procedure to restore hair work?

Hair transplantation is as follows. A graft (micro-graft) is cut from the occipital or lateral zone to restore hair. The graft is a square layer of the scalp, along with hair and with active (healthy) hair follicles. The cutout graft is transplanted into a pre-cut stratum of bald skin with sleeping follicles. Wounds on the occipital region, where grafts were cut, are simply sewn together.

The method of hair transplantation is based on the hypothesis that the follicles from the occipital and lateral zones are not sensitive to the hormone testosterone, and therefore, replacing them with the frontal-parietal part of the head (problem area), where the hair falls out, and the problem of baldness will be solved. However, this is not quite true. The follicles on the occipital and lateral areas of the head are simply more stable and healthy in connection with their anatomical location. In this area, a fairly good blood supply, therefore, vitamins and nutrients come here in full.

On the crown of the head is a very complex network of blood vessels and capillaries, the blood overcoming the earth’s gravity must get to each follicle and deliver nutrients. Since it is not possible to fully do this, in view of the person’s way of life, the hair follicles gradually fade. Especially, if there is still a place to be his sensitivity to testosterone. So, it turns out that the process of baldness is noticeable only on the crown of the head (the so-called problem area). In this case, various shampoos and medications are useless, only hair transplantation can restore hair again.

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