What is the dentures cost UK? Advantages and disadvantages

Dentures are artificial teeth, fixed on removable metal or plastic plates. Full dentures are applied when there are no teeth remaining on the lower or upper jaw, but partial dentures may be performed to replace a lower number of teeth. Dentures cost UK can be very expensive, so you might need to fast take a look on how much dentures can cost.

Replacing lost teeth is very necessary, for cosmetic and clinical reasons. If the teeth are missing, the left teeth can become out of position, which leads to a displacement of the bite. This can produce discomfort, and increase the risk of decay and gum disease if food falls into a trap. In addition, if the teeth are not replaced, the facial muscles of the patient may begin to sag, causing the patient to look older. The patient’s speech and ability to eat can also be disturbed.

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The average dentures cost UK

There are some alternatives to having dentures, for example, if you replace 1 or 2 teeth, your dentist can offer a bridge. It is an artificial tooth that is attached to the rest of the teeth on both sides of the gap. Bridges can only be applied instead of a partial denture. It is not possible to replace a full set of teeth doing bridges. Another alternative is dental implants UK. These are artificial teeth installed by inserting a metal screw inside the jaw bone, onto which a false tooth is attached. Dental implants can be done to replace 1 tooth or a full set. They give a solution that bypasses some of the problems patients can experience with dentures. However, they are not proper for all patients and normally cost considerably more than dentures cost UK. To be clearer, in the United Kingdom, you may either go for private dental treatment or have NHS dental treatment. The average dentures cost UK is £195 through the NHS and an average of £490 if you choose private.

Although dentures are extremely useful, it is important to assume that they will not be the same as your real teeth. Immediately after the dentures are installed, the increase in saliva is fairly common, and it is likely that your mouth will be irritated for several days. At first, dentures can be felt very unusual. However, the mouth will learn to adapt fast enough. Usually, it is difficult for denture owners to pronounce certain words at first and have difficulty eating. If the latter occurs, you should start by sticking to soft foods, cut into small pieces, and chew slowly, using both sides of the mouth. Then you can imagine a new food when you get used to the dentures until you eat properly.

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