What is the full mouth dental implants cost UK?

Having denture implants is influenced by a number of factors and circumstances that are individual to each person. In the large majority of cases, however, dental implants give a far more aesthetically pleasing, reliable, and durable alternative to conventional dentures, and most of the patients would say they are totally worth the price. When determining the full mouth dental implants cost UK, a dental specialist will carefully weigh all of the following:

  • The health of your jaw bone
  • The number of suitable bones into which the dental implants can be implanted
  • The health of any existing teeth
  • Any other current medical conditions which can affect the implants

Full mouth dental implants cost UK depends on the number of implants that are required to hold the dentures securely and successfully in place.

Dental Implants UK

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The general full mouth dental implants cost UK as follows:

  • Individual dental implants are about £ 750-900 per each.
  • The processing laboratory charges £ 300 for a dental implant, and therefore a set of four implants is about £ 4,000.

Four dental implants are needed to carry a full upper denture. It usually costs £4,000. Two implants are needed for a lower denture and it costs £2,000. Both of these costs do not take into account the price of the dentures that must be installed on the implants. These dentures are also strengthened as the patient can bite up to ten times harder with implant dentures than they can with traditional dentures. While full mouth dental implants cost UK considerably more than conventional dentures, they are also much more comfortable and stable. Moreover, upper dentures are far more secure and the patient will see it easier to talk as the palate is removed producing more tongue place. In addition, you will not have to trouble about dentures becoming disconnected or even falling out of the mouth. Frequently, you will be able to have many foods that you were incapable to eat before.

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