What is the most common question about dental implants cost UK?

The most common question about implants is, of course, dental implants cost UK. The fact is that it can vary significantly from a dentist to a dentist. While everywhere will differ, there are some general trends that you can expect when looking for dental implants cost UK. Initial consultation with your cosmetic dentist will help determine the approximate cost of treatment. There may be some basics that need to be fulfilled before they can continue, which will affect the cost of a common tooth implant. Before the procedure, the dentist will need to prepare the area around the implant. This may include things like extraction and repair work on the surrounding teeth. They will probably also need to take a variety of X-rays to determine the health of your gums before embarking on the implant.

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Dental implants cost UK for single and neighboring teeth

  • A single tooth. Implant with one tooth costs slightly different, depending on where it is in the mouth. The front tooth is usually slightly more expensive than a back tooth, but this is not always the case. For a single tooth implant, you can expect to pay between £900 and 1800. This will depend on the amount of work, as well as on the standard costs that your dentist has.
  • Two neighboring teeth. Several dental implants cost UK slightly more than single teeth, as expected but the cost per tooth is often slightly lower than that of individual implants. As with single implants, those who are in the front tend to be slightly more expensive than the rear. The cost of two adjacent teeth will be from £1600 to 3500. Again, this depends on the required work and the location of the implants.
  • Three or more neighboring teeth. The dental implants cost UK will increase exponentially, as the number of implants needs to be increased, so the cost can add up fairly quickly if you need significant work. The advantages of implants are huge. However, the cost of several implants can be high.
  • Dentures with implants. An increasingly popular choice for those who require multiple implants, implant secured dentures require permanent fixation of dentures on the jaw using implants. They are the most effective technique for restoring a large number of teeth. Dental implants cost UK will depend on the number of implants required, but it is usually cheaper than individual implants.

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