What is the most famous shape of the nose?

The shape of the nose like the Duchess of Cambridge is the most common request among patients of plastic surgery clinics, both women, and men. Nevertheless, the Duchess’ form is not the single standard for those who are decided to change their shape of the nose.

The Duchess of Cambridge sets a lot of style and beauty trends, which is why she is loved by many designers, stylists, and photographers. Presently, plastic surgeons have fallen in love with Prince William’s lady, as well: according to statistics, the current year the number of people willing to do plastic surgery grew by 20%. One of the most successful surgeries nowadays is rhinoplasty. The most famous shape of the nose is like the Duchess. The Duchess’ perfect face motivates many women to improve something about their appearance surgically. Rhinoplasty is the most common procedure in facial plastics. However, it is additionally among the most complex ones. It needs the doctor is not only technically good, but also having a clear artistic vision of the ultimate result, because each patient’s face is different, and everyone has his or her own views of beauty and perfect shape of the nose.

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What is an absolutely beautiful and straight shape of the nose?

Among plastic surgery patients, you may see women and men alike. An absolutely beautiful and straight nose (with a 106-degree angle between forehead and lips), which is usually called “the Duchess” in professional circles, suits both women and men. The shape of the nose similar Kate Middleton is the most famous request in a surgeon’s job – Prince William’s wife has left Scarlett Johansson, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, and Angelina Jolie behind.

A girl can desperately want the shape of the nose same her beloved celebrity. However, getting into the surgeon’s room, she can discover that this shape will not suit her. It is important to know that, when you decide on rhinoplasty, you may draw inspiration from the photos of celebrities, but the ultimate choice should be taken with the focus on yourself. And for this, you must certainly determine your first parameters and then choose the appropriate alternative for you.

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