When are ceramic crowns and ceramic fillings used?

A healthy and beautiful smile effects people in two ways: it boosts the self-confidence creating new possibilities in life and is an expectation of good health. Dental care is about improving the teeth and correcting the defects in them, using various materials such as composite, glass ionomers, and ceramic fillings. In addition, dental care includes prosthetics that according to the situation means replacing the missing teeth with an implant, a dental bridge or dental crowning in order to restore chewing function.

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Onlay and inlay ceramic fillings

In the case of a small tooth defect, it is possible to fix it with a composite filling. Tissue-friendly composite fillings allow the observation of teeth color and give an amazing aesthetic result. In the case of a big damage ceramic crowns and ceramic fillings are used. Ceramic fillings are divided onlay and inlay according to the level of damage to the tooth tissue.

Ceramic materials have undergone a very rapid development. Due to this, some tooth tissue, which is physically too similar to a tooth tissue of the person, has been accomplished. The result of correcting teeth with that material is long-lived.

It is right to cover the teeth that have disintegrated a good deal and the teeth that have received root canal treatment with a crown. The crowns assure the strength of the restoration when durability and to breakage restore the anatomical shape of the tooth. The aesthetic look of the teeth has a huge impact on a person’s spirits. That is why it is advisable to cover the filled front teeth or darkened with ceramic laminates and change non-correct fillings and the unpleasant-looking for ceramic fillings.

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