Which problems does laser liposuction London help to solve?

Removing old fat deposits in problem areas is often very difficult, especially if there is not enough time for regular training. Laser liposuction London helps to solve this problem quickly at almost any age and regardless of the type and size of fat accumulations.

Liposuction is a medical technique for pumping fat from the body. The classical procedure is carried out with the help of special tools and apparatus. During the procedure, it is required to make an incision in the skin and “pump out” excess fat from the formed hole.  This operation has many contraindications. In addition, serious complications are possible. But the main drawback is the presence of a scar after the procedure.

Unlike surgical liposuction, the laser liposuction London is practically harmless. It produces heating of certain areas of the body, thereby accelerating the dissolution of fat cells. They become mobile and liquid, due to which they are removed from the body by the lymphatic system. Like ultrasound, the laser liposuction London is performed under local anesthesia, which significantly narrows the list of contraindications. After the procedure, there are rarely any scars and in most cases, all the wounds heal within a few days.

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Advantages of laser liposuction London:

  • Efficiency. The first results will be visible immediately after the laser liposuction London, but most noticeable they will be after a few weeks when the lymph will wash the excess fat from the body;
  • Skin tightening. The unique quality of the laser technique is that in addition to removing fat, it also tightens the skin. After surgical intervention, the old stretched epidermis, which very much spoils the aesthetic appearance, is often left on the body;
  • Various zones are available for improvement. The procedure is suitable not only for the common problem areas (abdomen and thighs) but also for eliminating the second chin, cellulitis of the hands, calves, obesity of the knees, and other parts of the body;
  • During the laser liposuction London, the doctor can observe the movement of the laser beam dissolving the fat. This allows you to eliminate even the smallest clusters, which can later develop into cellulite formations.

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