Which procedures are popular for foreign patients in Thailand?

Thailand is one of the countries of South-East Asia. It is a tourist country, and there are many attractions (diving, national parks, jungle walks, waterfalls, adult entertainment, and boat trips). This country has attracted tourists from all over the world for many years. Such a sphere as medical tourism takes the leading place among other countries. Treatment in Thailand is a complete rehabilitation and recovery.

Thailand is one of the top three destinations for medical tourism for foreigners in Asia. Here, dentistry, plastic surgery, cardio surgery, and cosmetology are very popular. Thanks to the great experience of doctors and new technologies, all operations in this country are carried out at the highest level and with a special approach. Particular attention should be paid to orthopedic and plastic surgery. No other doctors in the world could perform operations as qualitatively as Thai doctors can help. That is why many foreigners go to Thailand every year for treatment.

Why should I choose Thailand as a medical tourism?

Moreover, the most popular medical services in Thailand are plastic surgery such as rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, and eyelid lift. Some of the procedures in this Asian country will cost you 1/10 of the cost that will be required for similar medical procedures in Australia, the UK, or the US. Almost all hospitals have the latest technology and are equipped with language translators and exclusive international wings to service foreign patients. Many doctors in the country have medical certificates from the US and UK and serve patients with unmatched professionalism and great care.

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