Why is Poland the tourist pearls of Europe for treatment?

Poland is one of the most influential and attractive countries in Central and Western Europe. It is not only a highly developed democratic country with European values but also one of the tourist pearls of Europe. It has a mysterious and majestic history, a great cultural heritage and many attractive corners of nature.Poland is gradually becoming a leading destination for medical tourism in Europe. The main stage in the organization of treatment in this country is not even the treatment itself, but the choice of the medical institution in which it will take place.

What make Poland as special country for Medical services?

Medical services in Poland are provided by clinics and medical institutions equipped with modern equipment and corresponding standards of Western Europe. Most of these medical institutions are state structures, but some well-known private clinics provide services to foreign medical tourists. Polish medical institutions are certified by the Polish Ministry of Health and recognized by the European Union and NATO. International accreditation also includes ISO or QHA Trent Accreditation UK and the European Society for Quality in Health (ESQH).

Polish doctors and dentists should have at least one year of internship before they can take the national examination for a doctor’s qualification. After passing the exam, they receive a license to carry out medical activities. Recently, a compulsory system of postgraduate education was introduced, which is based on the system of advanced training currently used in the US, Canada, and the leading countries of Europe.

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