Why is the South Korea one of the best destinations for treatment?

Treatment in South Korea is one of the new promising brands not only of the Asian but also of the world market of medical tourism. Over the past ten years, the healthcare system of this country has been intensively developing at the expense of public investment in non-profit medical institutions. Now it is considered one of the best in Asia. In May 2009, all state licensed clinics in South Korea were officially allowed to provide medical services to foreign patients. Currently, 30 South Korean medical providers are part of the Council for Korea Medicine Overseas Promotion. Among them are four leading medical centers of the country, the largest of which already has accreditation JCI (Joint Commission International, USA). In addition, special medical visas were introduced for up to 1 year for medical tourists in the country. This approach and control of the activities of medical institutions at the state level is an additional guarantee of the highest quality of medical services.

How is South Korea medicine today?

Korean medicine today is highly qualified specialists with an international reputation, supernovae in equipping medical centers, advanced diagnostic and treatment methods and comprehensive services. South Korean clinics and medical centers provide such services now in demand among medical tourists, such as plastic surgery, dentistry, infertility treatment, and complex diagnostics. A high level of medical care in South Korea is supported by research and clinical trials of global importance, in particular, in the field of oncology. This allows for effective treatment of cancer diseases using the latest advances in medical science and technology. In addition, effective methods of traditional Korean medicine are widely used in South Korean medical institutions.

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