Can dental implants be whitened?

The main purpose of teeth whitening is to eliminate permanent discoloration of teeth caused by external factors such as tea stains, coffee stains, cigarette stains, wine stains on tooth surfaces.

In addition, whitening can also be performed if the natural tooth has its own genetically yellow color. It is necessary not to confuse the cleaning of dental calculus with the teeth whitening process.

Whitening gels used to whiten teeth act only on natural teeth, whitening effects on implant tooth surfaces are not available. A small amount of whitening can be observed if the dental implants are thin enough. In order for them to look whiter, dental implants need to be renewed.

It is useful to do this after whitening other teeth because the dentist can more easily determine the whiteness that he needs to achieve with a new restoration.

Old porcelain should be waited at least 1 week until you are satisfied with the teeth whitening done on other teeth before replacing it.

Of course, not every tooth can be whitened, there are many factors, such as the structure of the enamel of the tooth, whether there are any fillings, treatments, veneers on it, whether there is gum recession.

If the enamel structure is appropriate and there is no porous structure, usually very advanced tetracycline coloration or advanced enamel hypoplasia, if there are no genetic problems we call, whitening procedures are usually performed successfully.

Whitening gels act on natural tooth tissue. There is no effect on the filling materials that we call porcelain or composite teeth. If porcelain veneer, zircon, or filler is present in your aesthetic area, you should consult your doctor for a color change.

Can dental implants go yellow?

If the patient smokes, he should definitely brush his teeth after each drink. If he doesn’t brush, the teeth turn yellow and the life of the implant teeth is shortened. As with natural teeth, plaque and bacteria formation or inflammation may occur in implant teeth.

For this reason, the one who has an implant tooth should take a little more care of your oral and dental hygiene and take care of it properly. In addition to brushing your teeth while performing implant dental care, you should take care of flossing and gargling.

Using an electronic toothbrush can help you more than other toothbrushes to clean your mouth and teeth. Because the vibrations created by the electronic toothbrush better clean the plaque formed by food particles below the gum line.

Smoking and the number of times it is consumed per day closely affect the success of the implant and the duration of its stay in the mouth.

How are dental implants whitened?


Obviously, dental implants cannot be 100% whitened, but if you take care of them correctly, they can be as white as the first day. The success of your dental implant depends largely on your oral hygiene.

Now that you have improved the appearance of your smile, it’s time to make sure that your implant lasts for a lifetime. One of the most important risk factors to consider when it comes to dental implants is insufficient oral hygiene.

Plaque accumulates on your teeth and gums throughout the day. As plaque accumulates, harmful bacteria can disrupt your teeth and oral health, causing tooth decay and gum disease.

Since your implant is fused with your jawbone, it is very important that the implant remains stable in your mouth. Maintaining the health of your gum line can help you with this. In addition, some people feel pain after applying for a dental implant.

Gently cleaning your teeth and gums can help alleviate or prevent discomfort. As with any surgical practice, it will take time for your implants to heal.

To speed up the healing process, follow your dentist’s instructions and avoid things that can irritate the surgery area. Taking care of your implants and general oral health can easily adapt to your daily oral hygiene routine.

Make sure that you always follow your dentist’s instructions to ensure that your teeth, gums, and implants remain strong and healthy.

In order for implant treatments to be clean and maintained at the same time, to be successful and long-lasting, and for the patient to use them without problems for many years, they must be done very carefully.

If patients want implant treatments to last a long time, they should carefully take care of dental cleaning and oral care. How to do oral care for patients is explained to patients in detail by dentists.

A person who is sick should also do the cleaning and maintenance procedures as needed. Otherwise, the occurrence of undesirable consequences should not be a surprise.

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